a Quick and easy method to grow potato in Home

Potato is an amazing type of vegetable. It will fit with any type of other vegetables. I also prefer to eat potatoes by making different types of food items. I think without potatoes we can’t imagine our life.

It contains different kinds of vitamins. Vitamin, B1, B3, B6, Phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and many types of vitamins and minerals are available inside the potato. Potato contains fiber also. It has many kinds of beneficial factors.

A Quick and easy method to grow potato
A Quick and easy method to grow potato

Potato is very famous around the globe. There is National potato day also exists on the earth.  Nation Potato day is also celebrated by people on August 19 and October 27th.

Maybe you are also planning to grow organic potatoes in your home then this is the right article for you. I am going to mention the potato growing method in this article. You can also follow this organic method to grow potatoes at your home. So without any delay let’s move on to our article.


The first-time potato was found in Peru around 8000 BC to 5000 BC. After that, it spread all over Europe. Potato is the world’s fourth-largest food crop after rice, wheat, and maize. Potato gets popular in European countries in their earlier time because it was easy to grow than other types of crops.

The potato was the first crop that was grown in space by NASA in 1995. Potato has such different types of interesting facts available. Such as Potato contains 80% of water.  According to history, the largest weight potato was 18 pounds and 4 ounces.

Germans peoples are the most potato lovers than other countries’ citizens. They will consume up to 200 pounds of potatoes per year. Americans will consume almost 140 pounds of potatoes per year.

Potato have also different kinds of varieties. There are almost more than 4000 varieties available around the world. Maybe every country produces potatoes because it is easy to produce.  Nowadays China, India, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, and many more countries are producing large amounts of potatoes.

There are many varieties of sweet potatoes available. such as Patata Della Sila, Patata di Bologna, Desiree Potatoes, King Edward Potatoes, Yukon Gold, Maris Piper Potatoes, Idaho Potatoes, Chuno, and many more.  But especially I prefer two famous Nepali potatoes Variety.

Germination Process

The germination process of potatoes is too much easy. Just have to keep your potato in a shady area for a long time after harvesting. But the area should be clean and dry. After a few times, it will start to germinate automatically.

If you don’t want to do these types of hard work then you can easily buy from the local market or from amazon also. You can choose your favorite variety also there. Already germinated potato seeds may be easier for you.

Collect Seeds

You have to collect seeds of Potatoes. Don’t collect unhealthy seeds. You should to collect the healthy seeds. If you don’t have the healthy seeds then you should to buy from amazon .

Store in Cold and open place

Now you can store in corner of you house room. That potato should get the air properly. If you provide the proper open space to your potato seeds then you can see the germination of potato.

You have to check time to time. If you didn’t check it on time to time then potato can decay and damage so that you should to check it time to time.

potato take care method
potato take care method

Prepare farm

The first step of potato growing is you have to prepare the land. You can easily plow the farm using the mini tiller or you can plow using the traditional method also. If you are doing it in a small area then you can directly dig with a shovel.

Mix the cow dung compost with soil properly. Compost is necessary to get more growth and more production. You have to sow the compost equally in every part of the farm. Maintain the distance between two potato seeds. Otherwise, your production of each plant will not be also same.

You can grow your potato at your home also. If you don’t have spare land, you can grow potatoes in containers, buckets, and many more things. Just you have filled those types of containers with garden soil and compost.

The drainage hole should be inside the container. Even if you are growing your potatoes in buckets then you should make a small hole for proper drainage. This thing will help you from root rot.

Make it a little bit moist before planting the potatoes seeds in the soil. If the soil is dry then the potato seeds may die.

potato farming
potato farming

Transplant method

After preparing the perfect soil and after managing the germinated potato seeds. Now cut the potato from the center and separate it. The germinated part should be on one side and another not sprouted part should be collected on the other side. Don’t mix it otherwise it will be very hard during the transplanting time.

You can directly put all the whole germinated pieces also but in our country, we will separate it into two pieces. According to our ancestors; it will increase the production of potatoes.  Not germinated potato parts can be edible after cooking also but you can give it to your domestic animals also.

Start to bury all the germinated cutting part of potato in the prepared land. And cover it will soil layer from the top. Give water from the top with the garden hose pipe. Don’t do overwatering otherwise the potatoes seeds may die inside it.

Take caring method

After six to seven days later the leaves will start to sprout. You can give water from time to time to get more production at once per week. Don’t make wet too much wet also it will help to decay your potato. Don’t make it dry also it will not good for growth.

You can add more mixture of soil and compost from the top after the stems get almost two feet tall. This thing will give your more production from it. You can put your potato inside the greenhouse also but it is not compulsory. You can grow your potato in the greenhouse for more flavor.

Repeat the adding layer of a mixture of soil and compost one or two times more to get extra potatoes. You have to give proper watering to your soil after adding the layer of soil. Make it moist on newly added soil to get the fastest potato production.

After twenty to thirty days later add the organic compost. You can create the leaves compost also otherwise you can buy the compost from amazon also. If you have already cow dung compost then it will be better for production.

There may occur different types of harmful diseases on your potato. Such as Alternaria, Black Dot, Blackleg and bacterial soft rot, Dry rot, Brown rot, common Scab, Dickeya, Ganrene, Late Blight, Pink rot, Powdery Scab, Ring rot, Tobacco Rattle Virus, and many more disease may occur inside your potatoes.

You can call your local potato expert or gardener expert to solve this problem. Maybe he can give you the perfect solution. Otherwise, if any kinds of symptoms are appearing in potatoes; remove those plants immediately from there.


After transplanting a few months later the leaves of potatoes start to change from green to black and now remove all the stems of the potato with hedge shears .and start to dig. Most of the time the harvest will be ready 90 days later but it depends on your weather condition. If you are living in the mountain area it can take more time to get the harvesting time.

potato harvesting
potato harvesting

You should keep all the potatoes in a cool and dry place after digging them. If possible keep it in the sunlight for one time. Then don’t put it in the sunlight. Otherwise, your potato will start to change from its color to green color. Then the taste of the potato will be changed automatically.

So in this article, we discuss the easy organic method to grow potatoes. Hoping that you get a few ideas from this article. If you get little knowledge then share this article with the people who are searching for these kinds of content. It will be a big support for me also. Tell me about your experience related to potato farming in the comment section. I will come back with another article until that time goodbye see you again.

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