How to Grow Mexican Oregano Plant 2 x Faster

You can grow Mexican oregano Plant in small place also. Just you can transplant your Mexican oregano plant in the flower pot or you plant those Mexican oregano plant in the flowering basket also. It is easy to plant those plant in the small place also. Which sound little bit good right.

grow mexican oregano plant
Mexican oregano plant

You don’t need a huge area to plant this Mexican oregano plant. If you are planning to plan this one as a commercial purpose need huge area but if you are planning to put Mexican oregano plant for personal use only then no need more extra area.

Mexican oregano plant is such good thing for the food and herb. We can use Mexican oregano plant as a food item which contains a great taste in it. Mexican oregano can be used as a Seasoning also in different kinds of food items.

The food will become very delicious after the seasoning of Mexican oregano plant. It is widely used plant to cook traditional foods in Mexico.  You can also use it in the enchilada, classic braised pork, salsa and in the many kinds of pork item.

Mexican Oregano plant help us to fight with harmful bacteria and decrease inflammation . It is very beneficial to digest food easily .

Benefits of Mexican oregano plant .

We can prepare the leaf using the Mexican oregano plant leaf also which will be very good for the health also. Mexican oregano tea will help us to overcome the stomach pain, common cold and many kinds of infections.

Mexican oregano plant flower
Mexican oregano plant flower

Mexican oregano plant is same like the others oregano. The reason behind this is Mexican oregano plant contain 0-80% thymol and 0-48% carvacrol. These components make Mexican oregano plant same like the others oregano. The plant will be more flavorful after dried than fresh. We can get various kinds of vitamin and minerals in Mexican oregano plant easily.

It is one of the useful plant in the planet for the human being also. So today I am going to discuss about ” How to grow Mexican oregano plant at home ? ” If you want to know more about the Mexican oregano plant you can read this article otherwise you can skip it. In this article I am going to cover every detail about the Mexican oregano plant so without any late let’s begin our article.

You will Understand about Mexican oregano plant

  • History Mexican oregano plant
  • Introduction Mexican oregano plant
  • Propagation Method Mexican oregano plant
  • Fast method to grow Mexican oregano plant
  • Caring method for your Mexican oregano plant
  • Few Pest and Disease Mexican oregano plant
  • Harvesting method of Mexican oregano plant


Mexican oregano is native to Mexico, Southwestern America and and Central America. Carl Sigismund Kunth a German botanist first described and classified about the L. graveolens on new plants and flora . It was used for variety of traditional dishes and still Mexican peoples are using it .

mexican oregano plant flower
mexican oregano plant flower

Mexican oregano plant have different name in different place . Somebody call it Mexican marjoram and someone call it by Mexican will sage. There are basically two types of famous oregano exists . But the Mexican oregano is not same like the European oregano. Mexican oregano have different kinds of flavor than European oregano.


Mexican oregano plant   is one also known as a Lippia graveloens. This is one of the popular herb which is widely used often in their Mexican cuisine. Mexican oregano is one of the evergreen plant. It can grow up to 3 feet tall easily.

mexican oregano plant at flower pot
mexican oregano plant at flower pot

Mexican oregano can survive up to 5 years to 10 years.  If you gave more care for Mexican oregano then it can live up to 10 years. Otherwise it cannot survive more than five years. You have to proper caring and proper type of treatment.

All the caring and proper type of treatment will help to grow mexican oregano plant faster than before. In this article you will understand all the detail about the Mexican oregano plant.

Propagation Method to grow Mexican Oregano Plant

There are lots of propagation method available for the Mexican oregano plant. You can use those method to make propagate easily using these method. Try any method given below to grow mexican oregano plant at home.

Seedling Method

First of all you have to manage seeds from anywhere. If you have any kinds of problem you can buy from amazon also those seeds of Mexican oregano. After collecting those seeds you can sow in the garden fertile soil.

Collecting mexican oregano seed
Collecting mexican oregano seed

Cutting Method

You can propagate Mexican oregano plant form the cutting easily. Most of the people love this method to propagate your Mexican oregano. Using cutting method you can save your money and time easily. You can propagate your Mexican oregano plant using this one of the cheapest method easily.

For this one you have to cut Mexican oregano plant almost 3 inches to 4 inches. Don’t make it too much short. Otherwise your cutting will not be success.

After this remove the bottom side all the leaves. If there is any yellow leaf located in the stems of Mexican oregano then you should to remove all yellow and old leaf. You can remove those leaves using the knifes or scissor.

Mexican oregano plant in flower pot
Mexican oregano plant in flower pot

After removing those kinds leaf you have to wash them in water. If there is any kinds of dust of unnecessary things then immediately remove it by washing. Dead leaves should be remove immediately to grow mexican oregano plant fast.

Now you have to manage a plastic bowl or bottle. Then you can keep those Mexican oregano cutting inside that water. You can sink those stems of Mexican oregano cutting inside the water. Make sure your is sinking almost one inch inside the water.

After few days you will get few new roots inside the stem.  You have to check in time to time. Otherwise your new root of Mexican oregano can damage inside the water due to fungus. That’s why check you Mexican oregano condition in time to time.

After the successful rooting you can transplant them in your garden or in the flower pot. But I recommend you to put in the garden because the chances of spreading will be more in the ground. But make sure don’t give too much fertilizer for your Mexican oregano; otherwise it may damage.

Borrow From Your Friend

Maybe there could be few friends around you who have already few Mexican oregano plant in their garden. If you find them; Request them to give few piece of Mexican oregano plant. Maybe they can give you few piece of Mexican oregano.

mexican oregano plant at flower pot
mexican oregano plant at flower pot

 If they give you; Then it will more easy to propagate more Mexican oregano plant. You can take few advice also with them. They might have few extra knowledge about the Mexican oregano plant.

Make sure the root also together with the Mexican oregano plant when you are bringing from there. You can dig and bring them together with root. The chances became high if you bring together with root.

You must have transplant those Mexican oregano plants in spring season. The chances to survive in spring season can be hundred percentage in spring season. Spring season is prefred season to grow mexican oregano plant at home.

If you have also already few Mexican oregano plant at your home then you can divide them. If it is around three years old then it will be more perfect for division. You have to divide them into another flower pot; if it is almost three years old. Or you can buy from the amazon also.

Fast Method To Grow

We need to put compost in the soil when we are transplanting. Mexican oregano can grow fast if we mix compost in the soil. You can also test those method to get more faster growth on your Mexican oregano plant.  There are many methods method to grow Mexican oregano plant at home.

You have to give a large space to get more production of Mexican oregano plant. The chances of spreading for Mexican oregano can be occurred if you didn’t left enough space for your Mexican oregano plant. That’s why you can give enough space for your Mexican oregano plant if you have enough land. Otherwise it is not necessary to give more space or more gap for your Mexican oregano.

Mexican oregano plant in flower pot
Mexican oregano plant in flower pot

Another useful thing you should to remember is you don’t have given more water for it. Mexican oregano plant don’t want more water than other plant. If you are also giving overwater for your Mexican oregano plant then you should to stop it. Your Mexican oregano root can be damaged due to overwater.

Caring Method For Your Mexican Oregano Plant

Mexican oregano plant need minimal care than other plant. There are lots of lots plants which needs more care than Mexican oregano plant. Transplanting in the perfect drainage soil with compost is the first method of caring. If the soil is fertile, Mexican oregano plant grow extremely.

mexican orgeano thick leave
mexican orgeano thick leave

It need almost six hour to seven hour sun because Mexican oregano prefer more sun light. And you can also manage sun light for Mexican oregano as possible. Don’t put your Mexican oregano in shady area. Sunlight help us to grow Mexican oregano plant faster.

You have prune Mexican oregano unnecessary branches and leaf in spring season using pruner. It will become bushier after pruning. If you want to make bushier then you have to prune your Mexican oregano plan in time to time.

Few Pest And Disease

There are no more disease and problems found for your Mexican oregano plant but few small problems can be occurred in your Mexican oregano plant. Just you have to take care about it time to time. Otherwise there is no more danger in your Mexican oregano plant. Caring about problems in time to time will help yo to grow mexican oregano plant easily.

transplant mexican oregano in flower pot
transplant mexican oregano in flower pot

There are few pest which can be harmful for your Mexican oregano plant. Few aphids, mites can affect the Mexican oregano leaf but there is a simple solution for those kinds of pests. You can overcome them by just only using the soap water. The mites and pest will die and go away from the Mexican oregano plant after using the soap water.

Other kinds of disease can appear due to overwater. In this case your Mexican oregano root can be damaged. That’s why as possible provide drainage soil for your Mexican oregano. If this kinds of problems occurred; just you have to pull those Mexican oregano plant from soil and you have to remove those damaged root. So remember overwater also can effect to your Mexican oregano plant.

Harvesting Method

You have to begin harvesting when you Mexican oregano plant reach almost two feet tall. Don’t harvest your Mexican oregano plant, if it is not two feet tall. The production may be not good if you begin harvesting before reaching two feet height. After reaching two feet only you can harvest. There is no issue if your Mexican oregano plant is reached three feet tall.

Mexican oregano harvesting
Mexican oregano harvesting

You have to harvest before begin frost; if you are living in mountain area. You can pull all the bush of Mexican oregano plant. After that you can make separate the branches and stems or directly you can strip those Mexican oregano leaf from the stems. You can hang them with the branches and stems also. It depends on your desire and requirement.

After separating those leaf of Mexican oregano just put them in clean, cool and dry place. Make sure the air circulation is good inside your store room. If your store room doesn’t have good air circulation; Your Mexican oregano can damaged. Which can be a great loss for you. So before this things happening keep them in cool and dry place.

Sometimes you can put then on the sun. The bacteria and several things will be removed after putting those Mexican oregano in sun. If you put those Mexican oregano leaf in the sun then the chances of damage can decrease. If you follow these process your harvesting method can be success by hundred percentage.

Mexican oregano harvestingtime
Mexican oregano harvestingtime

After putting those in sun several time now your Mexican oregano leafs became dry. Now you can keep them inside the airproof zippered plastic bags. You have to remove all the stems and branches before putting in the bag. After that put your Mexican oregano leaf in the cool and dry place with that bag. Now your Mexican oregano harvesting process is complete.

Vitamins and health benefits of Mexican Oregano Plant

Mexican Oregano Varieties NameHealth BenefitsVitamins Available in Mexican oregano
Mexican Oregano Plant ,
Lippia graveolens,
Mexican marjoram,
Fight With Bacteria,
Help us to digest food,
Reduce Viral Infection ,
Decrease Inflammation
Vitamin C ,
Vitamin A ,
Vitamin E
Vitamins and health benefits of Mexican Oregano Plant

Hoping that you get few knowledge about the Mexican oregano from this article. If you have still any kinds of confusion please let me know in the comment section. I will try to solve your questions as possible. Share this article to among the people if you get some useful quality content in this article. It will give me more motivation to write more article on this blog. So I will come back with another new article. Until that good bye see you again.

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