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If You are also searching the Best Method To Grow Mustard At Home then don’t miss this article . Especially mustard farming is can be done for the oil production because the pure mustard oil give different kinds of taste to your food. I also prefer to use mustard oil in my food. Even you can do massage in your body if you are getting any kinds of pain inside your body.

Many people grow mustard to use age a vegetable because its leaves also edible. You can also eat its raw leaves also and if you want you can eat as a mustard green also. If you don’t know how to make mustard green you can get many tutorial is the internet related with this.  The leaves can be used in dressings, seasonings, salsas, soups and many kinds of food items can be prepared using the mustard leaves.

grow mustard at home
grow mustard at home

Mustard will give different types of health benefits also. It will help us to improve our digestion and make healthy stomach. It will reduce high blood pressure, sore throats, bee stings, asthma, cancer and in the bronchitis also. You will be able to achieve all those things if you try to Grow Mustard At Home organically.

Bee-keeper also can produce more honey if they did mustard framing with bee keeping. High quality honey can be produce from the mustard flower.

So it is very useful food item for human being. Maybe you are also planning to grow few mustard at home then this is the right article for you. You will learn to grow mustard at home in small place then you are in the right article. After reading this article you will be also able to grow your mustard at home using these tips and tricks. So without any late let’s begin our article.


Especially mustard have different kinds of vitamins, folic acid, magnesium and energy booster minerals available inside it. It is the great source of vitamin k. You can get enough vitamins and different kinds of beneficial vitamins after using the mustard.

I know there is not enough supply of mustard oil in the world. People are using different types of oil to cook food. I hope the pure mustard oil will be available everywhere in few years.

Many countries are producing mustards but it is not enough for world. Nowadays Canada, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Netherlands and many more countries are producing mustard. These are top countries which is producing mustard.

Best method to grow mustard
Best method to grow mustard

How can I grow mustard leaves at home?

Beautiful bee and yellow color mustard flower in summer season on blur background at Nepal

You can grow mustard leaves easily using the organic traditional Nepali method. You should to use the perfect gardening soil with cocopeat and compost . After that you should sow your mustard seeds in that seeds . You don’t need large area . You can sow mustard in the small area also . After that you should to giver proper irrigation time to time. It help mustard to grow fast than before. You should to give proper care also time to time. If you didn’t give proper irrigation and care , The roots can be decay so that you should to give proper irrigation , cares and fertilizer to your mustard . If you are growing mustard leaves in summer then you should to plant your mustard leaves in tunnel . Over irrigation also not good for mustard . You should to give proper types of take care to your mustard farm time to time.

Types of mustard

Variety of MustardVitamins And Minerals Available in MustardTop Ten countries Producing Mustard
DijonVitamin ANepal
Grey-PouponVitamin CCanada
Spicy BrownVitamin KRussia
Whole GrainMagnesiumUnited States
German Kazakistan
Beer France
Creole Czechia

Seed collection to Grow Mustard At Home

The first step of grow mustard is seeds management. You have to collect the seeds of mustard. You can ask with your neighbor also if they are doing mustard farming. But if you don’t have any source to bring mustard seeds then you can purchase mustard seeds from amazon also.

There are especially two types of mustard seeds available. The first one is Yellow Mustard seeds and the second one is Black Mustard seeds. You can choose the right mustard seeds to Grow Mustard At Home as per you requirement.

I also prefer mustard varieties but most of the time I grow the black mustard because it will grow faster than yellow mustard. I love its taste also.

mustard seed
mustard seed

Preparation of perfect soil

After collecting the required healthy mustard seeds you have to manage a large basket. Even you can use a large flower pot or the cartoon also. I am writing this article only for them who have small area to Grow Mustard At Home . So you can manage any kinds of large gardening tray also. It depends on your budget or if you want to make mustard production in stylish design then you can buy a large gardening tray also from amazon.

how to grow mustard at home
how to grow mustard at home

Now you have to fill all the gardening tray with sand, soil and compost. Make sure that you are using one part sand, other one part soil and one another part compost equally. Mix all of them properly otherwise you will not get the best production of mustard. This types of mixture will help you to Grow Mustard At Home very fast after that leave it dry.

Sow all the mustard seeds after preparing the soil inside your gardening tray. And cover all the seeds with the thin layer of soil. Now you have to spray water from the top using watering can. Now put your gardening tray in the full sun light and don’t forget to give water everyday. Now after two to three days your mustard will sprouts.

Caring technique

Time to time you have to give watering to you mustard otherwise it will not grow as expected. Perfect irrigation is the best method to Grow Mustard At Home faster. You will get 3X faster growth after giving watering in time.

Keep your mustard with gardening tray in the full sunlight as possible. It will faster in full sunlight than in shady area. Mustard can grow in shady area also but it prefer more sunlight. You will get the perfect result after three weeks if you put in the full sunlight.

beautiful mustard farm
beautiful mustard farm

Remove the weeds if it came inside the mustard. Check time to time and immediately remove all the weeds from your gardening tray if it is coming otherwise the weeds will start to eat the food of mustard.

Insects and pest

There are many types of harmful insects and disease which can destroy your mustard. Few of them are aphid , Lipaphis , Sawflies ,  Myzus Persicae , Orthaga euadrusalls , Bagrada and many more kinds  insects can harm your mustard That’s why check every day; You have to kill all those types of insects and pest to Grow Mustard At Home otherwise it will eat all the leaves of mustard.

Beautiful bee and yellow color mustard flower in summer season on blur background at Nepal
Beautiful bee and yellow color mustard flower in summer season on blur background at Nepal

You can face different types of disease in your mustard also. Few of them Powdery mildew, White ruse, Southern blight and many more. If you get any kinds of unusual changes in leaf; immediately cut it and throw it farm from the gardening tray. It will help you to save other mustards.


If you give the best caring. You will be able to harvest mustard leaves after three weeks of germination. Don’t uproot all the plants leave its stems and few leaves during the harvesting time. It will give you more new leaves on its stems and you can harvest another time also.

If you want to produce seed then you can leave it until producing seeds. It takes little bit long time. The seeds will be prepared after the beautiful yellow flowering.

Beautiful yellow color mustard flower is blooming in summer season on blur background at Nepal
Beautiful yellow color mustard flower is blooming in summer season on blur background at Nepal

So guys in this article we discuss about the best method to grow mustard at home . Hoping that you also get few ideas about the mustard. Please call me to eat after producing mustard. Just kidding. Help me by sharing this article; I will come back with another new article until that time. Good bye; see you again!

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