Grow Corn in Backyard Quickly In Traditional Nepali Method

Grow Corn in Backyard Quickly In Traditional Nepali Method

Corn is one of the useful crops around the globe. It is one of the easiest crops to grow on your farm. I have experience from my childhood about growing Corn on my own farm. My father to Grandfathers’ generation used this traditional method to grow corn. Corn is also one of the amazing crops which is one great source of carbohydrates.

Most of the corn production came from the United States, China, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, and India. These are the top countries where the production of corn is amazing. They are exporting those crops in the international markets also because corn has multiple usages.

You can directly eat this product by bowling but I prefer to eat corn after frying. Maybe you have also tried the fried corn sometimes. It has great taste with great flavor.

Grow Corn in Backyard Quickly
Grow Corn in Backyard Quickly

 Corn will help you to digest foods and it will help you to boost your energy. If you are doing heavy work; I would suggest eating corn before working. It will give amazing kinds of stamina to your body.

So in this article, I am going to teach you about the best, quick, and effective method to grow corn in the backyard quickly. You will learn to grow organic corn after reading this article.

 I am sure you will follow all the steps to grow corn. It is one of the easiest methods ever on this planet. If you are also planning to grow corn on your local farm then you can read this article until the last. So without any late let’s begin.

Selection of corn seed to grow crop in backyard

There are different varieties of corn. You can choose any of them. It is very important to select the right healthy corn seed otherwise you will not get the perfect production of corn from your farm. So if you want to increase your organic corn production then you should choose the right corn seeds.

The most popular varieties of corn are Bio-9681 , Raj Kumar , Super 900 M. 30Po , Bisco-940 , C-1921 and different varieties of corn available in the market. You can select any of them.

You can also purchase healthy seeds to grow crops in the backyard very quickly. If you want to also buy healthy maize seeds then you can buy from amazon.

Filter the bad corn

After selecting the right corn seed you have to filter them carefully. You can put those organic corn seeds in the sunlight also because there may be different kinds of harmful insects.

 They can harm your corn seeds. They will go out from the corn seeds after putting in the sunlight due to the hot temperature. It will help you choose healthy seeds to grow corn in the backyard quickly.

After that you can filter the bad and damaged seeds from there. If you filter perfectly all the damaged and bad seeds; the chances of 100 percent germination will grow. Many seeds will not grow due to the bad and damaged corn seeds.

You can select the perfect corn seeds after taking out all the damaged and infected corn seeds. It will take a little bit of time but you will be able to remove it after a few hours of work.

Grow Corn in Backyard
Grow Corn in Backyard

Prepare Fertile Soil

Now you have to prepare the best and perfect soil to grow corn in the backyard quickly. You can plow or dig your land for two weeks. You can plow using the Traditional way also use the ox but if you have a mini tiller you can use that one also.

Put some cow dung compost in that land after digging your land. This thing will make more fertile land and it will help to grow corn in the backyard quickly. You can sow all the cow dung compost around your farm using your hand.

Remember to wash your hand after sowing all the cow dung compost because it can create infection inside your body. You can use the gloves also during working time but it is not necessary.

how long does it take for corn to grow from seed to harvest
how long does it take for corn to grow from seed to harvest

Germination process to grow corn in backyard

After the preparation of your land, it’s time to sow your corn seeds on the land. You can dig or you can plow as per your requirement. You can sow your corn seeds after two weeks of preparation of fertile land.

Now you can sow all the corn seeds by digging in the Traditional way but it is not necessary to do in the traditional way. You can sow your corn seeds using the modern method also. It depends on your requirement to grow corn in the backyard quickly.

how to grow corn from seed
how to grow corn from seed

Now you can break all the soil if it is not still broken during the digging time. You can sow your corn seed in the dry soil also but if you are sowing in the little moist soil then it will get more chances of hundred percent germination.

After successfully sowing your corn in your farm; you will get a few tender germinations after one to two weeks. It depends on your weather condition.

If you are staying a hot weather location then it will germinate fast but if you are staying in a cold place then it will take a little bit long time to germinate.

Hot weather help corn to grow corn in the backyard quickly. You can also do corn farming in hot areas. It will not germinate if heavy rainfall happens after sowing corn.

So if you are growing corn in the backyard quickly then you can grow your organic corn inside the tunnel also but if you are doing it in a large area it is not possible to manage the tunnel for every corn.

Take care method

Your corn doesn’t need more watering so don’t try to give more water to your corn. If you try to give more watering to your corn then it will die or it will not give a perfect type of production.

 It will grow in any kind of dry condition also. That’s why it requires minimal water. You can grow corn in the backyard quickly without giving proper irrigation.

After increasing new four to five leaves in its stems then it’s time to dig around the corn plant until getting its one or two roots. It will take a little bit of time but it is well worth it. The reason behind this digging is your corn root will spread faster after digging around its root. Now it will start to grow fast.

Now after start flowering your corn; it’s time to hoe. You can remove all the unnecessary weeds and many more things. You can dig again around the corn plant and you can burry your corn roots by bringing the soil.

The reason behind this thing is it will help to save your corn from breaking. If winds came accidentally then in that this kinds tasks can help to you corn plant by falling down.

how to plant corn at home
how to plant corn at home

Insects and pest

There are many kinds of harmful insects, pests, and diseases that exist for corn. You have to check from time to time in your corn farm otherwise it will destroy all your corn in a few days.

You should eliminate those insects and pests to grow corn in the backyard quickly. You can apply many Nepali traditional methods to remove them from corn.

how to plant corn
how to plant corn

The organic method to remove those insects is you can plant different types of beans and the insects will not harm your corn seeds.

Some of the harmful insects of corn are black field earwig, leafhopper, Corn trips, cutworms, and many more. If you are also seeing these insects then you can also keep another type of insect to kill these types of insects.

I think the most useful creature to remove those insects is birds so try to plant more trees near your farm.

There may appear different kinds of harmful diseases inside your corn farm. For example ear rot, stock rot, Northern leaf blight, common rust, Black bundle are the most dangerous disease of corn.

You can overcome this problem by removing those types of infected corn. Otherwise, it will expand infection to another corn plant.

Top 10 Corn Producing Countries

Top 10 Corn Producing CountriesCorn Vitamins & MInerals
USAVitamin C
South AfricaSugar


Now you will see; your corn plant will start to change into dry. Before getting dry you have to harvest all your corn from the farm. Otherwise, it will damage its plant itself due to any reason.

You can store this organic corn in the highest place without removing its cover. It will help you to store until winter. Otherwise, you can shell your corn using your hand or using the corn Sheller.

how to plant corn
how to plant corn

 It is up to your requirement. If you are shelling more corn at once then I suggest you use the corn Sheller machine which will help you to save your time.

In this article, we discuss the traditional Nepali method to grow corn in the backyard quickly easily at home. Hoping that you learn something from this article. If you also get any kinds of valuable knowledge then please share this article among the people who are trying to grow corn in an organic way.

Which part did you like from the entire article; Let me know in the comment section. I will come back with another new article. Until that time; Goodbye See you again.

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