How To Grow Plum Tree With Purple Leaves At Home in 2021

Plum is amazing types of fruit. I love eat this fruit. It is one of the amazing types of fruits which can give different types of health related benefits. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many types of dangerous types of disease can easily overcome by just using the plum. How To Grow Plum Tree With Purple Leaves At Home ? So you will get the answer of this question after reading this article .

Plum contain lots of lots vitamins and minerals inside it. Vitamin A , Vitamin C , Folate , Vitamin K , Vitamin B1 , Zinc , Calcium . Fluoride and many types of beneficial minerals available inside the plum fruit. You can consume it regularly to get these kinds of health related benefits.

Beautiful Organic Fresh Plum on White Background
Beautiful Plum

Many varieties food items can be prepared using the plum. You can prepare the jam, juice and many types of food items using the plum.

Maybe you are also planning to grow plum tree with purple leaves at home that’s why you are in this article. You will understand all the details about the plum trees in this article in depth.

Just you have to read this article until the last to understand about the growing technique of plum tree with purple leaves at home. So without any delay let’s move on to our article.

Overview of Plum

Plum is one of the amazing fruit. It have different types of varieties available inside it. You will get many types of health related benefits after consuming plums.


Seed collection

It is easy to collect seeds of plums. You can directly purchase few fresh plums in the market and just take out all the seeds. But for this one you don’t have to take out all the seeds after purchasing.

You have to put in the freezer almost three month to take out the seed. This small process will give you the best germination in the seedling process. You can easily take out all the seeds and make it dry after taking out.

If you don’t want to these all the hard to collect the plum seed then you can directly purchase from the amazon also.

prunus domestica
prunus domestica

Perfect Soil for plum tree with purple leaves

You can manage some compost, soil and fertilizer before seedling process. Don’t sow these seeds in the soil only. Insects and harmful infection can effect to those seeds.

You have to mix all the compost, garden soil and fertilizer. If possible you can mix the coco-peat also to get faster germination.  If you don’t have compost also then you can directly buy from amazon easily.

Make it little bit moist soil. Plum tree with purple leaves seeds cannot grow in the drainage soil. Don’t make it too much moist also; it can damage your plum seed.

Fresh Plum Fruit collection
Fresh Plum Fruit collection

Seedling Method of plum tree with purple leaves

After preparation of seeds and the perfect fertile soil. Now it’s time to seedling. Now you can easily sow those plum trees seeds in that soil.

Take the plum tree with purple leaves seeds and water bowl. Sink all the seeds inside it. If few seeds are coming up from the water; you have to remove those plum seeds. It is the bad quality seeds. The sinking seeds are the high quality healthy seeds.

Now take out all the sinking seeds from the water and you have to remove the shell from the plum tree seeds. You can remove by cutting with sharp tools also but I prefer to break those shell using the hammer. It will save more time if you use hammer.

prunus cerasifera
prunus cerasifera

Now take all the seeds in the tissue paper and spray some water from top. Wrap it from the all sides and again spray some water to it from every side. This things will give you the faster germination.

Put all the plum tree with purple leaves seeds inside the slide zipper plastic with that tissue paper. Close the slider zipper plastic bag and keep this plastic bag in the freezer. You can put in shady and cold area also if you don’t have refrigerator.

You will get the germination after three to seven days on these plum seeds. Now you have remove all the tissue paper and take out all the sprouted plum seeds from the plastic bag easily. Don’t break the roots of those plum seeds.

After this take a flower pot or something else and put all the before prepared soil inside it. Make a small hole in the soil and insert the germinated plum seeds inside that hole carefully.

Cover your sprouted seeds with thin layer of soil. Now put in the semi shady area to get faster growth. Don’t put in full sunlight otherwise it will make the soil dry out .Give water time to time. Few months later you will get a beautiful plant of plum trees. Transplant it after getting almost two feet tall.

plum tree with purple leaves in Nepal
plum tree with purple leaves in Nepal

Interesting Facts Related with plums

Vitamins Available in plumsTop Plum Producing CountriesPlums can Overcome
PotassiumUnited StatesReduce Blood sugar
Vitamin CTurkeyBone Health
Vitamin AIranHeart Diasese
Vitamin KIndia 


First of all Dig a 3 square ft. deep hole and put some dry leaves of tree. Firewood and burn it. After one week mix compost, sand, fertilizer and as possible coco-peat also and Fill that hole.

Make it moist soil by giving water. Don’t give too much water. It should be normal type of moist. If it get heavy moist; the root of the plum trees can decay. After making moist soil dig a hole in the middle to transplant the plum tree.

Carefully take out the plum tree with purple leaves plant from the flower pot with the soil. Don’t harm to the it’s root. The soil should be also with the root otherwise it may die. The chances of transplant can be failure if your soil fell down.

Transplant the plum tree with purple leaves inside that hole and cover with few soil from top. Now give some pressure from around it. Give some water from the water can. The plum tree should transplant as possible in full sunlight for faster growth.

The best time to transplant your plum trees is in the early spring. You will get more chances to successful transplantation on these season than other season.

plum tree blossom
plum tree blossom

Take care technique for plum tree with purple leaves

You can give organic compost time to time for you plum tree with purple leaves . One Calcium nitrate also should give with compost as possible for faster growth. These kinds of things can be done after one year of transplanting in March month.

Remove all the weeds and grass from all over its nearest area. Weeds can easily remove using the brush cutter. The growth of the plant may be slower if the weeds are all around the plum trees plant.

Don’t forget to give enough watering to it. Irrigation should be in time to time otherwise it will give you the growth as expected. Don’t touch in the trunk during the watering time.

If any branches are getting dry then remove it with trimmer or using the hedge shears. You can remove them using the normal scissor also but I prefer to remove them using the hedge shears.

Don’t transplant near if you are planning to do plum farming as commercially. Keep almost 25 feet distance between two plum trees.

Pest and disease

Maybe unknown type of pest and disease may be appearing in your plum trees. You can call the local gardening expert or call the government agricultural department staff to recognize the problem in the plum tree.

There are different types of disease may occur on it. Such as honey fungus, Bacterial canker, plum moth, silver leaf disease, pocket plum, Japanese battles, plum aphids and many more types of disease may appear. You can kill those using different pesticides.

Make it open branches to get secure from the insects. Time to time you can prune your old death branches of plum tree with purple leaves.

Harvesting of plum tree with purple leaves

You can harvest all the plum until the late summer. It may decay and fell down from its trees itself if you didn’t pick in the time. The storage time of plum is very short. So you can directly convert it any product or eat this immediately.

So today we discuss about the growing method of plum trees. Hoping that you get few ideas about the plum trees. If you also learn something from this article please let me know in the comment section. Share this article to among the people who are trying to grow plum trees in their spare land. I will come back with another new article until that time; Good bye see you again.

red plum tree
red plum tree

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