How to Grow Wheat 100% in Organic Way on Your Spare Land

Wheat is great source of fiber, vitamins, protein, anti-oxidants and many more things so maybe you are also planning to grow wheat 100% in organic way on your spare land. It contains fiber, thiamine, phosphorous and many more things inside it. I can eat wheat by making bread, crackers, crumpets, biscuits and many more food item can be prepared using wheat. Many restaurant use wheat to prepare pizza, cakes, pasta and many more items.

You will get different kinds of health related benefits after consuming wheat. It is very beneficial for heart disease, stroke, obesity, digestion, chronic inflammation and for the diabetes also. It is a great source of healthy vitamins and minerals that’s why also I love to eat wheat food items. Wheat also one of the very important crop same like the rice .

This article will going to teach you to produce the organic wheat easily. You can implement all the tips and tricks in the large area also but today we are focusing especially in the spare parts of your garden.

Most of the difficult part of the wheat growing is the harvesting time. It have spines in its panicle it will give few pains during carrying time. But if you are also planning to grow wheat 100% in organic way in your spare land then it is going to become a very useful article for you. Just you have to follow all the steps to grow wheat 100% in organic way , So without any late let’s begin.

grow wheat 100% in organic way
grow wheat 100% in organic way

Interesting Facts About Wheat

S.N.Wheat VarietiesMost wheat Producing CountriesVitamins And minerals
1.Triticum vulgareChinaSelenium
2.T. durumIndiaManganese.
3. T. compactumRussiaPhosphorus.
4. United StatesCopper.
5. FranceFolate
6. AustraliaProtein
7. CanadaCarbs
8. PakistanFiber
9. UkraineSugar
10. GermanryWater
Which country is No 1 in wheat production?

Preparation of healthy seeds

First of all you have to collect healthy wheat seeds. You should collect healthy wheat seeds otherwise it will not germinate easily. If you don’t have seeds with you; then you can purchase form amazon also.

You can put all the seeds in the full sunlight also before sowing in the land. You will get more germination chances if you put your wheat seeds in full sunlight.  Many kinds of harmful viruses will be destroy after putting in full sunlight.

what seed
what seed

Make fertile land to grow wheat 100% in organic way

You have prepare a fertile land before sowing wheat in your spare land. Don’t sow your wheat seeds without preparation of wheat seeds. It is easy to prepare the fertile land in traditional way.

Just you have to plough your farm first of all. You can plough using mini tiller also if you have otherwise you can dig also using the grape hoe to grow wheat 100% in organic way . It is not possible to plough a large area without mini tiller but for the spare land you can dig yourself using grape hoe.

best method to grow wheat
best method to grow wheat

You can take the chicken dung compost to grow wheat 100% in organic way and mix them in soil properly. You can mix all the compost using rake. If you have glove then you can mix it using your hand also. Mix properly all the compost in soil with water and make a moist soil.

Now you have to put few water and make it moist otherwise your wheat seeds will not germinate. Many farmers are using different types of chemical and fertilizer .I think it is not good for the human body.

These kinds of chemical will effect in our environment also. It will kill many beneficial insects, birds and animals. So avoid it in your farm. Yes it will increase the production but it will obviously effect on environment to our body.

preparation for land
preparation for land

Sow the Seeds

Now this is the time to sow all the seeds in prepared spare lands. But before sowing all the wheat seeds check the moist condition of soil. Put water in your soil until it getting moist if it not perfectly moist.

Now you can sow all the seeds with your hand in all over the parts of your spare land. You can use the rake also during the sowing time. But if you are doing wheat production for selling purpose then you should to use the tractor and different agriculture tools. Which will make easier to sow your wheat seeds in large area.

You can use only the rake to sow wheat seeds in the small area even you can use your hand also. Cover all the seeds with thin layer of soil from top and give few sprinkle of water from top to grow wheat 100% in organic way fast.

If possible you can cover your all area with a plastic or something else to save from the birds because bird can eat all your seeds. Even your own chicken can destroy all the wheat seeds so be careful after the sowing the wheat seeds and make it secure. So make more secure with help of plastic to grow wheat 100% in organic way at home. 

Now give some water from the top to make faster germination. Moist soil is the perfect soil to get faster germination.

Take caring method

It will germinate after one weeks. You will see the few green tender leaves are coming out from the leaves now you have to give water in time to time. Don’t leave it without caring otherwise it will be hard to grow wheat 100% in organic way . Perfect watering is the best caring after germination of your wheat.

Two time or at once per week try to give irrigation to you wheat. It will make the soil moist and root of wheat will spread faster. You can remove the weeds also. Time to time you can remove all the weeds but the amazing this about wheat is more powerful that weeds. In most of the case; Weed cannot grow near the wheat.

modern irrigation method for wheat
modern irrigation method for wheat

Insects and disease

There are many types of harmful insects and disease in the wheat also. Such as Aphid, Wheat Weevil, Russian Aphid, Sitobion avenae, Rice Weevil and many more kinds of harmful insects can appear inside your wheat farm. Try to reduce them to grow wheat 100% in organic way by using chicken. If you have few chickens at your home leave them in wheat farm .It will finish all the harmful insects as possible.

Different types of disease also can appear in your wheat farm. Such as leaf rust, leaf spot, brown rust, bacterial mosaic, pink seed, spike blight, sooty molds and many types of harmful disease can appear. Just remove all the infected leaves to grow wheat 100% in organic way and if it is still infecting then remove all the infected wheat plants.

insect in wheat panicle
insect in wheat panicle


I remember my childhood experience in the starting of this article also. I belong to very rural place where different kinds of difficulties available. We used to carry wheat in bamboo basket with its stems and the spines of wheat panicle start to pinch during the carrying time. I can still remember those my childhood experience.

But in modern days there are different types of technology and methods to harvest your wheat. You can cut using the brush cutter also but in the small area you can cut using the sickle also. You can directly cut all the panicles and bring them to your home. Or you can bring all the stems, leaves and panicles together. But I prefer to bring only panicles. And separate all the grains from the panicles and store them in cool and dry place after putting one or two time in full sun light.

The stems and leaves will consume by all your pet animals. Even pig also love to eat its stems. You can store all stems for the many types of handy-craft items also. It have also many types of use.

panicle of wheat
panicle of wheat

So in this article we learn to grow wheat 100% in organic way using the compost only. You can also grow wheat 100% in organic way on your spare land using only compost. Best of luck for all of you. Hoping that you get few ideas about the wheat farming and if you get any types of interesting knowledge related with wheat in this article then help me by sharing this article. What things did you learn from this article please write down in the comment box. I will come back with another new article until that good bye see you again.

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