How To Grow A Pecan Tree in 2021 | Why You Should To Plant Pecan Tree ?

Pecan tree give us such a delicious fruit which can make addicted with it . Maybe you are also thinking ” how to grow a pecan tree ? ” at home that’s why you are in this article . According to the doctors we shouldn’t eat more than three or four pecan per day because it have lots of lots protein and many kinds of minerals . Pecans are such a delicious I also prefer to eat this amazing fruit .

Pecan tree is one of favorite tree of mine . The reason behind this is the fruit contains lots of protein . We can use pecan as a protein supplement . Pecan trees are such a nice source of protein , fat and carbohydrate .

Pecan tree can be used as a wood and its fruit can be used to prepare different kinds of various foods .  Many people love to use the pecan oil and butter also to cook different kinds of food item because it will make healthy and delicious food .

we are discussing about the pecan tree in this article in brief . If you are also planning to plant pecan tree in your garden then this article might be for you . You will learn ” how to grow a pecan tree ” after reading this article .

Otherwise you can skip this article . We will cover the importance of pecan tree and the seedling method also . if you want to know about that just read this article until the last .

How to grow a pecan tree
How to grow a pecan tree

History of Pecan Tree

pecan trees is originated from the north Mexico and southern United states . The most seed producers of pecan tree still in the united state and Mexico in the top .

After 1880 only pecan trees started to grow for commercial purpose but pecan trees are growing by peoples for the purpose of commercial production .

According to the United state 2014 data almost 119.8 kg pecan was produced in United state of America . pecan tree get popularity after proving it is best food for heart diseases .

how to grow a pecan trees
how to grow a pecan trees

Introduction of Pecan Tree

Pecan word was started from Algonquin language . it is classified as a drupe and drupe contain only one single seed with hard covering .

 If you are also planning to plant the pecan tree then you have to plant pecan tree up to 15 feet far from house and distance should be 40 feet between two pecan tree .

Pecan tree also known as a Carya illnoinensis in various part of the world . It will grow 13 to 24 inches per year and it will grow up to 131 feet  with 6 feet trunk diameter . .

Pecan tree start to give fruit in few years after planting it depends on how it was germinated or prepared . Generally pecan tree start to fruiting after five or six years after planting

pecan tree growing
pecan tree growing

 if it was produced by grafting otherwise it will take more than 10 years for fruiting  . A mature pecan tree need almost 35,000 gallon water per year and it will produce pecan nut up to 50 pounds per tree .

The interesting thing about the pecan tree is there exists male and female flower in same tree . You can grow pecan tree from the pecan nut .

One more important thing is that if you are planning to give pecan nut to your pet animal ; it can be harmful for them . Especially it is very harmful for dog .

According to many experienced farmers ; if you are also planning to plant pecan trees as a commercially then you can also make almost $2000 per acre but it depends on your farming method .

How much care you are giving to your pecan trees , all the things does matter . How to grow a Pecan tree at home you will learn all the technique after reading this article .

How long does it take for a pecan tree to bear fruit?

Pecan tree can bear fruit in 4 years . It depends how you are giving proper care , irrigation and fertilizer . But if you are not giving proper care then you will get bear fruit after 7 years only . That’s why you should to read this entire article ” How to grow a pecan tree ? ” at home.

Pecan tree Interesting Facts

Variety of PecanVitamins Available in Pecan Pecan Consuming 10 CountriesUSA Top 10 Pecan Producing States
Pawnee PecanMagnesiumUnited StatesAlabama
Cape FearVitamin ENetherlandsCalifornia
 ZincUnited KingdomFlorida
 Vitamin AChinaGeorgia
 Votamin DIsraelLouisiana
 Vitamin KFranceMississippi
 Vitamin BGermanyNew Mexico


There are more than 500 species available of pecan nuts . They have different kinds of color , taste , size ,  color etc .

 Pawnee pecan , Moreland , Stuart , cape fear are the most popular varieties of pecan tree . Pawnee pecan is one of most preferred varieties among the pecan trees species .

beautiful pecan tree is growing
beautiful pecan tree is growing

How to Grow a Pecan Tree from Seedling Method

We can grow the pecan tree by different kinds of method . Most of people prepare pecan tree by cutting  or grafting but I prefer to prepare plant by its seeds .

So guys you will also understand the the seedling method of pecan tree after reading this article . Just read this article until the last .

First of all you have to collect healthy pecan tree seeds . Otherwise you can buy from the amazon also . Now you have to put those seeds inside the glass with water . Now few healthy seeds will sink inside the water and unhealthy seed will not sink .

After choosing healthy seeds of pecan tree you have to bring root micro tray or you can prepare yourself by using the cardboard . But I prefer to use root micro tray . You can also buy the root micro tray from amazon .

huge branches of pecan tree
huge branches of pecan tree

Now you have to fill moister garden soil and few liquid fertilizer inside the root micro tray . You have to put pecan tree seed almost 2 inch deep inside the soil and cover those pecan tree seed by the soil .

Give some water after doing this and put your root micro tray in the window . Don’t put it in the shady area or in the dry area . Just put it in the low light . After four or eight week pecan seed start to germinate .

you can transplant those pecan plant after growing 1 feet tall . Otherwise it can die .  Pecans tree should plant in well-drained soil otherwise the pecan can’t survive . Pecan tree prefer the sandy , moist , acidic , alkaline , well drained type soil .

One important thing is don’t plant pecan tree closer because it will effect on your pecan tree production .If you are searching the answer of ” How to grow a pecan tree ” then  The best time to transplant pecan tree is mid december to early spring .

how to grow pecan trees
how to grow pecan trees

Reason To Plant Pecan Tree

Cost can be high : The first reason is You can get high price for pecan tree . You can earn up to 2000 dollar per acre . You can plant pecan tree for the commercial purpose also .  

You can plant almost 8 pecan trees per acre . If you have more land then you can plant more pecan trees to earn more revenue .

healthy food : The second reason is you can consume its fruit yourself if you are suffering from heart disease because it contain good amount of protein and vitamin E .

The consumption of pecan nut is good for heart disease . If you are also planning few pecan trees in your farm or in the garden for the purpose of self use . In this case also it is very beneficial . You can save money .

A beautiful fresh fruit of pecan
A beautiful fresh fruit of pecan

Caring Method Of Pecan Tree

You have to give fertilizer in spring and summer for your young pecan tree . Which will help to grow faster your pecan tree . You can  give  1 pound zinc sulfate per one feet tall pecan tree plant .

You have to give water every day for pecan tree as possible . The water should penetrate up to 3 feet deep which will help the pecan tree root grow fast . You have to give more water for pecan tree during its first year .

Pecan tree take more water than other kinds of nut trees . So you have to provide more water for it . Always remember watering is the one of most important things for pecan tree . If you thinking How to grow a pecan tree

You have to spray the zinc sulfate in time to time with fungicide and insecticide spray after pruning unnecessary leaf and branches .

 These kinds of spray will control the harmful insects and it will keep the pecan tree leaf green and healthy . It is necessary to give 0.5  pound zinc sulfate per pecan tree per year .

Harvesting time of Pecan tree
Harvesting time of Pecan tree

Harvesting Method

You have to pick those nuts of pecan trees as  they got mature . If you get late the quality of pecan nut will be loose .

After collecting the pecan nut you have to store those nut in clean and dry place otherwise the fungus can effect to your pecan nut .

Hoping that you get few knowledge about the pecan tree after reading this article . If you have still any kinds of confusion about the pecan nut let me know in the comment section . I will response on your comment as possible .

 Share this article to among the people who are planning to plant pecan trees . So I will come back with another new article until that good by see you again.

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