How to Grow Bunching Onions at Home 5X Faster

I love eat those food which contain bunching onion. If I went inside the restaurant or hotel; I always select those foods with bunching onion. Last time also I left a restaurant because there was no food which contain bunching onion. After that incident I went in another hotel to eat Cowmen.

I don’t know why bunching onion give me a different kinds of delicious taste. Bunching onion is my regular cuisine which should be always inside my kitchen. If I forget to bring bunching onion; I start feel something is missing in my kitchen. I have a garden also and there I don’t forget to plant the bunching onion on summer season there in my garden.

grow bunching onions at home
grow bunching onions at home

Bunching onion is one of greatest food which can create amazing taste on your food. We can use Bunching onion as a delicious cuisine also. Bunching onion can be used in chowmein , Momo , Samosa and in the many more fast-food. Bunching onion will help to make tasty food, you may have also try. I think you will also love its taste.

Bunching onion can be used as a different kinds of medicine. It have many kinds of herbal ability to solve many kinds of health related problems.  You can also use this kinds of bunching onion to solve different kinds of health issues.  Which will help us to save our few money from hospital.

Chopping bunching onion
Chopping bunching onion

Bunching onion is very popular in china. Chinese peoples are using bunching onion as a medicine. Especially Chinese people start to use bunching onion as a cuisine during the 200 BC. After that it get popular in all around the world.  Maybe the reason behind the bunching onion in Chowmein started from the China. I don’t why Chinese peoples are so creative in every sector .Now many people love to eat bunching onion with their food.

So in this article we are discussing about the bunching onion. In this article we are discussing every detail about the bunching onions. If you are trying to grow bunching onions at home then you are in the right article. After reading this article you will learn more things about the bunching onion. So without any let’s begin our article.

Today We are Discussing

  • History of Bunching Onion
  • What is bunching onion?
  • Species of Bunching onions
  • Pest For bunching onions
  • Fast growing method for bunching onion
  • What are the usage of bunching onions ?
  • How to harvest bunching onion ?

Bunching Onion is a great source of Vitamin K . It help us to repair our body cells . It help us to build strong bone also .

What is the health benefit of bunching onions ?


Bunching onion is native to China. It was started to eat as a cuisine first time in china in 300Bc .After 500 BC it was reached in japan and it was spread to all over the planet from japan.  Bunching onion also popular as a ‘ welsh onion ‘ but it is not belongs to welsh. The meaning of welsh refer to “foreign”. It means the bunching onion came from other country.

It have different name as per different country. Such as in the Japan; it is known as Negi. In the Korea, Bunching onion known as a Slipa, In the Jamaica it is known as Escallon. In the Russia it is known as a Fistulous. It have different kinds of name in different location.

Bunching onion grow in group or in the crowd. That’s why maybe the name of bunching onion has been created before due to its behavior. These kinds of onions will grow in the bunch. So it is very easy to grow bunching onions at home


.bunching onion also known as ‘ Welsh onion ‘ but it is belongs to welsh. . It have different kinds of name around the globe such as Spring onion, Welsh onion, Green onion, Bunching onion and many more. But it is doesn’t matter on its taste by its name; isn’t it? I have already mentioned above also about its different names. You can read them again if you are interested in this article I am going to teach you how to grow bunching onions at home.

Bunching onion will grow with white color root and green color stem which can survive up to two years. The white root also start to give a different kinds of delicious taste after few time. I think you should also try its white root with your food. The thick and green stem will produce such a thick edible leave. These kinds bunching onion leaves contain the smell of onion.

The leaves of bunching onion  look like thick and round with hollow stems which is  edible raw and cook . I love to eat its both form. The leaves contains such a delicious taste and mixture of bunching onion leaves with food create such a great taste. I would recommend you to eat bunching onion leaves.  You can also eat those bunching onion leaves as a salad and soups which will give you different kinds of health related benefits.

bunching onion harvesting time
bunching onion harvesting time

It’s taste feel like the combination of sweet onion and garlic; that’s why it is very famous in Asian country due to its great taste. That’s why bunching onion leaves is very popular in Asian restaurant. If you visit in Asia; you will find this vegetable as possible in every restaurant.  Most of the Indian, Nepali and Chinese restaurant prefer to use this vegetable as ingredients.

Bunching onion will grow up to 2 feet tall. The Bulbing onion will be 1 to 2 inch diameter. These Bulbing onions start to change in yellow color after getting mature. Bunching onion will start to bloom at the summer season. These kinds of flowers of bunching onions also edible to eat. The flower cannot bloom perfectly; if your bunching onion is planted in below 150c temperature. Bunching onion is such a good vegetable for farmer also which can grow fast as your wish. I think every part of the bunching onion is edible.

fresh bunching onions
fresh bunching onions

Grow bunching onions at home in every tropical region is very easy. The region should be above the 500 meter from the sea level. These kinds of lands can produce bunching onion fast. Your bunching onion cannot grow fast in the below of 500 meter. If you are staying in the rainfall area; Then it maybe the gift for from your nature. Because your bunching onion prefer rainfall during its growing time. And if rainfall happens during bunching onion growing time then it will grow very fast in moistened soil.

The special requirement of bunching onion is full sun. Bunching onion prefer full sun and it will give great result in full sun. You can also do the experiment in the shady area and in the sunny area. You will get the best result in sunny area. It will get mature after four to five month from the transplant.


There are lots of lots species of bunching onion available in all around the globe. Most of the species produce edible leaves which can be found in your local groceries. If you are from USA you can buy from here. You can also grow bunching onions at home after reading this article.

Most of popular species of bunching onions are the evergreen white bunching, Chives, white Lisbon’s, Shallots, leaks and Winter Over. Most of species contain same taste that’s why you can choose any of them; if you are also planning to plant bunching onion in your garden. Bunching onion is considered as a perennial plant.

bunching onions harvesting in garden
bunching onions harvesting in garden

Propagation Method to grow bunching onions at home

There are lots of lots propagation method for bunching onion which is I am going to mention in this article in detail. If you are also interest to propagate your bunching onion you can also read this one; otherwise skip it. You can easily use this method to grow bunching onions at home by yourself.

bunching onion flower
bunching onion flower

Bunching onion is that kinds of onion which can grow very fast with low care. Just your Bunching onion need a perfect transplant at first. After the installation of your bunching onion it will create magic. I mean it will grow very fast than your aspect.

Make sure you are planting your bunching onion in drainage soil with PH 8 to 10. Bunching onion prefer the drainage soil. You can also prepare the drainage soil for your bunching onion. Otherwise it will give you the perfect result. Now let’s talk about the the propagation method in detail.

bunching onion growing in seedling tray
bunching onion growing in seedling tray

Seedling method

This is one of the popular method for almost all plants. You have to collect the seeds of bunching onion at first before starting the process. After collecting seed only you can start your process. If you are getting difficulty to collect seed then you can buy from the Amazon also directly. You can get healthy and perfect seed for your garden. Otherwise you can also prepare the seed of bunching onion if you are already have few bunching onion. But you have to make sure that you have to collect all the seeds of bunching onion before frost.

You have to prepare a perfect soil with mixture of soil and sand. The drainage soil will be the perfect soil for your bunching onion. You should to manage drainage soil. Now you should to penetrate your bunching onion seeds inside the soil up to 1 to 2 inch deep. Now you should to give few water from the top with the water spray. You can buy the water spray also from Amazon which will help you to get perfect result from you seed. But your bunching can germinate in the moister soil also after germination you can transplant on the well-drained soil. It depend on your desire.  

Your bunching onion seeds can sprout perfectly at 55 0F to 850 F with white color root. After few days your bunching onion will start to sprouts from the soil. After two weeks you should to transplant your bunching onion in your garden or in the farm after growing the 30 cm tall. Don’t try to transplant your bunching onion if it not taller than 30 cm. If you transplant your bunching onion in shorter height; it may be die. So be careful before transplant. You can measure the height from the ruler in time to time.

Generally bunching onion will grow up to 30 cm after two weeks. You have to transplant your bunching onion after two weeks; if it grow 30 CM tall. Now you can transplant in well-drained soil with PH 8 to ten and the soil shouldn’t contain acid.

Your bunching onion will not grow perfectly in acidic soil. You should to check the acidic level before transplant of your bunching onion. After checking the acidic level only you can transplant your bunching onion in your other land. Make sure that you have to plant those bunching onion in the 20 two 25 cm gaps. Otherwise it will not grow as per our aspect.

germinatiing bunching onion
germinatiing bunching onion

So now let’s talk about the professional way of seedling. Above mentioned seedling method is for a normal purpose method only. But if you are planning to do commercial wise then you can follow these seedling method which will help you to grow fast.

Take Care of Bunching onion

First of you have to seedling tray after collecting the seed of bunching onion.  If you don’t know what is seedling tray you can read this article.  You can buy seedling tray from Amazon easily; if you don’t have seedling tray. After managing the seedling tray you can manage compost and garden soil. Compost and garden soil help us to grow bunching onions at home organically and it help us to produce more bunching onion.

Now you can fill all the seedling tray with that compost and garden soil and sow your bunching onion seed inside that seedling tray soil more than 1 inch deep. And give few water from top. And keep them in 55 0F temperature. Now you will the more fast result from your seedling tray. After one week you can get a perfect result with green leaves and white roots of bunching onion.

bunching onion growing
bunching onion growing

Division method

If you have already few bunching onion in your garden you can divide them to all over your garden. You can divide them in the spring season but it is not mandatory to divide in spring but spring is best season for divide.

You can divide your bunching onion after the successfully establishing inside your garden. After few time it will start to spread new plant from its Bulbing onion. You have to check time to time before division. You can separate few parts of your bunching onion after getting new plant from its Bulbing onion.

Now you have to transplant those bunching onion in your other land. And the requirement of the soil is already mentioned above. The soil should be well drained to get perfect result. Well drained soil help us to grow bunching onions at home very fast.

Note: You should divide only one time per plant per year.

Sets Method

You can transplant bunching onion directly from your local nursery or neighbors. Just you have to manage already prepared sets of bunching onion from there. There may be different kinds of nursery. Many people love to grow bunching onions at home by purchasing prepared sets of bunching onions.

Now you have to transplant them in the perfect soil. The soil should contain some fertilizer also. You can leave the 2 to 3 inches gap per plant. You should to make proper plan before planting your bunching onion because it will create others new bunching onion after few time. That’s you have to plant in perfect gapping.


This evergreen vegetable may occur few kinds of pests on it but due to my experience there is no pests can attack your bunching onion. I think there already pest control system has been fitted previously inside it. I am just joking; I think I am lucky.  If you are getting a problem from few insects and animals then you can try a garden bed to get out from these kinds of problem. You can easily buy garden bed from Amazon.

disease in bunching onion
disease in bunching onion

But due to other farmers experience there are few kinds of insects which can eat the edges of bunching onion leaves. You can use soapy water if these kinds of problem occurred in your bunching onion.  You can get a problem of Trips, Allium leaf miners in your bunching onion. You can use row cover to get out from this problem. Or you can use the hose pipe during the late morning with soapy water.

White rot, Downy mildew and botrytis leaf blight types of disease can be appear in your bunching onion. If these kinds of problem is appearing in your bunching onion; it may be due to different reason. It may be due to soil or due to pest. If you get any these kinds of infected plant of bunching onion remove it immediately. Otherwise these kinds of disease will start to spread in all over the garden.

Pest in bunching onion
Pest in bunching onion

Growing Method

You should not take care much more for your bunching onion like the others plant. If your bunching onion get proper light of sun; it will grow fast. Bunching onions prefer sun than shady area. That’s why you have to plant your bunching onion in the shiny area.

Take Care of Bunching onion
Take Care of Bunching onion

If you are not staying in the rainfall area then you should to manage the irrigation for your bunching onion on its growing time. If you didn’t give the proper irrigation during its growing period; you will get a perfect growth. The soil should be moisture during its growing time. After this only the root of your bunching onion will grow faster than before.

After giving the proper water during its growing time; now you should to make the soil well drained. Otherwise the root start to damage. Which will not be good for production of bunching onion. So make well drained soil for your bunching onion.

Proper watering help us to grow bunching onions at home faster. You have to give always water for it. After giving the regular watering only your bunching onion will grow fast.

proper watering for bunching onion
proper watering for bunching onion


There are different kinds of usage of bunching onion. Especially it will widely use as a vegetable but Chinese people are using bunching onion as a different kinds of medicine also.  One of the best benefit of bunching onion is; it will reduce the change of cancer.  It is very beneficial for the low blood pressure level, digestion problems and for the cold also. 

Edible bunching onion
Edible bunching onion

Bunching onion contain contain fat, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, protein and different kinds of vitamin. It will give different kinds of benefit for your health. It is one of the great source of Sulphur also; which will help you to fight against the cancer. Bunching onion help us to create insulin in our body also.

Harvesting Method

Most of people prefer to eat the two parts of the bunching onion. If you also want to only eat the leaf only then you can cut the leaf only and if you want to eat the bulb then you can pull out the crowded bunching onion.

fresh bunching onions
fresh bunching onions

You can start harvest after getting enough leaves on your bunching onion. If you start to harvest earlier maybe it is not enough to eat. That’s why you can harvest your bunching onion after enough to eat.

You can preserve them in the freeze also by freezing or you can make dry also by air dry. After storing them in freeze; you can use them for long time. You can use oven to make dry and keep them until getting out all the moisture from your bunching onion.

Few Vitamins And minerals Available Percentage Of Bunching Onions

Vitamin In Bunching onionsPercentageMinerals in Bunching OnionsPercentage
Vitamin A23%Calcium1%
Vitamin D0%iron6%
Vitamin C45%Magnesium5%
Vitamin B-65%Potassium6%
Vitamin B-120%Carbohydrate 2%
  Dietary fiber 9%
  Protein 3%
Vitamins And minerals Available in Bunching onions per 0.220462 Pounds

So today we discussed about method to grow bunching onions at home in detail. Please let me know what kinds of article you want in further article. If you have any kinds of suggestion then tell me in the comment section. If you get few knowledge from this article then share this article in your Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp or wherever you want. So I will come back with another new article until that; good bye see you again.

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