How to Grow Dusty Miller Plant At Home 100 percent | Transplant , Seedling Method

Dusty miller plant also one of the amazing flower . We can plant this flower in the hanging basket , in the balcony or in the garden also . People love to plant this dusty miller plant in their garden because it will different kinds of decoration . Dusty miller plant give silver type of decoration to among the people . Dusty miller plant leaves look like the Mug-wort but the difference between them is leaf color . Mug-wort have green leaf but Dusty miller plant have silver color leaf . I think That’s why dusty miller plant also known as a silver ragwort .   

Fresh Leaves of Dusty Miller plant

This plant will give different kinds of decoration to your garden . in this article you will know every detail about the dusty miller plant and you will understand how to grow dusty miller plant at home . If you are also planning to put dusty miller plant inside your garden then you are in the right article . In this article you will get every kinds of information related with dusty miller plant .


Dusty Miller Plant is originated to northwest Africa and Europe . It was introduced in north Europe .


Dusty miller plant also known as a silver ragwort and Jacobea maritima . Dusty miller plant will grow up to 10 to 18 inch tall with yellow color flower  The leaves of dusty miller plant will grow up to 5 to 15 centimeters and 3 to 7 meters broad . Dusty miller is not famous for its yellow color flower but it is famous for its silver color leaf . Dusty miller have different kinds of name such as Cineraria Maritima , Senicio maritimus , Maritima bicolor .

Dusty miller can survive in very cold and very hot weather also . Dusty miller can grow in the salty wind such as in the near the ocean . Dusty miller will bloom in the summer season . If you want , You can collect the seed of dusty miller .

grow Dusty Miller Plant
How To grow dusty Miller Plant


There are lots of lots varieties and species available of dusty miller plant . You can choose any of species to plant on your garden . Most of famous species are Cirrus , Silver lace , Silver dust , Silver cascade and Ramports . But I prefer to plant Cirrus because it look different than other species and grow dusty miller plant with this species also very easy than other types of species . You can use any pf them to grow dusty miller plant at home.

Beautiful Dusty Miller plant

Seedling Method To Grow Dusty Miller Plant

Dusty miller plant can grow easily at home. First of all you have to collect the seed . You can buy dusty miller seed from the amazon also . This seeds will be easy to grow dusty miller plant .The seed of dusty miller will be yellow color like its flower . Don’t plant this plant in the compost only because the compost may have few harmful bacteria . Due to that bacteria your dusty miller seed can die .

You have to mix 75% garden soil and 25 % Fertilizer before putting the dusty miller seed in that mixture . You can use your garden soil but if you have few more extra budget then you can use the ” Garden starting mix ” . You can buy garden starting mix also from amazon .  I would recommend don’t use too much fertilizer because dusty miller don’t need too  much fertilizer . Dusty miller can grow in the minimum fertilizer and minimum water also .

After that you can take some pot and fill that pot with garden soil or if available you can use ” Garden Starting mix ” .  If you are planning to grow fast and in the quantity then you can use the ” Seed starting tray ” .  This is also a great tool to grow more plant in the tray . If you did use all the tools and then There is more possibility to get success on germinate your dusty miller seed .  

Now put that  ” Seed starting Tray ” in the ” Seedling Heat Map ” . If you need the faster growth then you need to set the 700C temperature in ” Seedling Heat Map . ” if you don’t what is ” Seedling heat map ” .Then you can understand about this from amazon . Remember one thing dusty miller seed can grow perfectly in the  around 700 C so that you have to maintain that temperature .

You have to put the dusty miller seed after managing everything else . But remember one thing don’t cover the seed with the soil or gardening starting mix . If you cover your seed with that soil ; There is more possibility of dying those seeds . 

Now you have to  cover that ” Seed starting tray ” . And make sure 700C temperature and  you will get more plant in after few days . This is the one most systemic and fastest method to grow dusty miller in professional way . Grow dusty miller plant in 70 degree Celsius temperature for more growth.

Dusty miller plant flower
Dusty miller plant flower How to grow dusty miller rt home

How To Transplant Dusty Miller Plant

After the successful germination of dusty miller now it is the time to transplant those plants in the another pot from the ” seed starting tray ” . Before put some garden soil in the pot . Now took dusty miller plant from the ” Seed starting tray . ”  Carefully pull the plant before transplant because the root can be damage .

After that you need to transfer that dusty miller plant in another big flower pot . Make sure the root is still okay before transplanting . After putting that dusty miller plant  put fill that flower pot with few liquid fertilizer and garden soil .

You have to put water until coming from the bottom of flower pot after the filling the flower pot by Garden soil and liquid fertilizer . Before also I told you ; dusty miller plant can survive in minimum water and minimum fertilizer also . That’s why after planting your dusty miller plant don’t give too much water too it . Your dusty miller plant root can be dead if you give too much watering . That’s why you must be careful when you are watering to your dusty miller .

You have to put dusty miller plant in the sunny area to make it beautiful . Dusty miller leaf will grow perfectly if you did put it inside the sunny area . Your leaf will not grow as its capacity if you put dusty miller in the shady area .

Take Care Method To Grow Dusty Miller Plant

There are different kinds of method and technique to take care of dusty miller plant . You have to cut the flower in the summer otherwise it will be too much leggy . You have to trim unnecessary part of dusty miller .

Dusty miller can survive in the too much heat also but you can manage shade for dusty miller in the midday . If there is too much heat around . Which will make better your dusty miller .

Dusty miller plants thrive in sunny day than in shady day . You have to give at least 7 to 8 hours sun ; If you want more silver foliage color in your dusty miller . You have provide more sun to your dusty miller plant to make more shiny .

If you forget to dusty miller plant in the sun . It will start to become more leggy . And it will look ugly . So you have to pruning time to time . If it is becoming leggy then cut it down the half . Which look more good .

Fresh yellow color flower of dusty miller plant
Fresh yellow color flower of dusty miller plant

Pest And Diseases of Dusty Miller Plant

There are basically two type of diseases  can be infect your dusty miller plant . The first one is Powdery mildew . After suffering from powdery mildew , you can see few “spot ” in the dusty miller leaf . This kinds of disease can be solved using the fungicide . 

The second problem can be aphids . You have to see carefully your dusty miller plants . If your dusty miller plant leaves changing into wrinkly ; You have to understand there is something going wrong . In this case  ; You can use insecticide to solve these types of problem .

Hoping that you get few knowledge about the dusty miller plant . I am expecting , You will give me valuable suggestion to make more valuable content on this blog . Please share this article on your Facebook , twitter or whatever you want  Which will motivate to write more article on this blog . I will come back with another new article . Thank you !

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