How to Grow Kale And When 2 Harvest Kale

Kale is very healthy and fast growing vegetable. You can grow kale in very small area also. You can use your Coca-Cola bottle, even different items cartoon and tins. It doesn’t require a large area.

It can be used as a pasta , Salads , Pizza , Roasted Squash ,potato-Kale soup , Shrimp Packets with kale couscous , Kale chips  and many more items can be prepare using the Kale . It can be very tasty with the Roasted papers, avocado, beets and tomato. So you can also prepare any those item and try them at home.

grow kale
grow kale

Kale belongs to cabbage group so that its leaves is totally edible which is very healthy. It contain different kinds of vitamins such as vitamin k, vitamin c, Iron and different kinds of nutrients can be found in the kale.

How does Kale help your body in 2020?

harvesting of kale

It is very beneficial for many kinds of health related disease. Kale can be used in the cancer, diabetes, heart disease and bone deaths because it contains fiber, potassium and many kinds of beneficial vitamins. That’s why doctor also recommend to use kale.

So in this article also I am going to discuss about the Kale vegetable in this article. Especially you will understand,” How to grow Kale? “and When to Harvest Kale? I will focus especially in these two topic on this article. So without any late let’s begin.


Kale found at eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor in 200 BCE. Later it was found in 13 century at Western Europe. And finally it was introduced in the Canada and United States in 19 century. It was one of the popular crop in the Roman times.


The leaves of Kale vegetable will be especially in green and purple color. Its leaves looks green and curly with fibrous stem. Kale contains different kinds of   vitamins and minerals. It is great source of Vitamin K, C, A, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6.

It can grow in the cold place also but it cannot survive in the high temperatures. It can grow in lowest temperature also. Its leave can group up to 30 to 40 cm long from its fibrous stem.

beautiful kale growing
beautiful kale growing


There are various types of varieties of Kale available. Most of famous varieties of Kale is Curly-leaf kale, Red Russian kale, Tuscan kale and many more but the Red Russian kale is my favorite.

Seedling Method

Especially you can grow your kale from seeds easily. You can purchase the Kale seed from the Amazon easily. If you are also planning to grow Kale then you buy from amazon.

First of all you have to take any types of pots. Even you can use the bamboo pots also. You can use any kinds of used plastic bags or flower pot also. Or if you want to do professionally then you can use the seedling tray also. You can buy those seedling tray from amazon.

But if you don’t have enough budget you can use a small flower pot also. First of you have to fill that flower pot with garden soil. Now you have to put water inside your water pot from top until coming from the bottom of the flower pot bottom hole.

Kale seeds
Kale seeds

After putting the water properly and making totally moist then you can sow your Kale seeds on that pot easily. Don’t sow your seeds in one place. Sow all the seeds around the flower pot.

After sowing your Kale seed then you have to put a layer of garden soil from top of the seeds. Try to save those seeds from the ants because the seeds of kale is favorites of ants. Now you have to use spray for watering from the top.

Now you can put your flower pot in the shady area or in the sunny area. I recommend you to put in the sunny area because it will germinate fast in the sunny area. Now you will see few tender leaves after one week.

Don’t forget to giver watering with the spray in time to time otherwise your Kale can die. After giving the proper watering only your Kale will grow as per your requirement.

Transplant method

You can transplant your Kale plants in another flower pot or in the garden after one month. Make sure your garden soil contain few sands. If there is not sand inside your soil put some sand in to that soil.

10 to 12 inches flower pot can be good for transplant but it depend on your requirement. If you are planning to make big kale then you have choose big flower pot otherwise you can choose small flower pot also.

Grow Kale At Home
Grow Kale At Home

If you are planning to transplant in the garden then it is okay just you have to check the sand level. According to the farmers 20% sand should be inside the soil for kale. If there is 20% sand then it will give perfect result.

After preparing the all the places then you can prune directly using your hand or you can dig using any tool. Now you can transplant your Kale plant to another place. The soil should be moist otherwise it cannot survive. 

You can put your kale plant in the sunny area to grow fast. You can put in the shady area also but it will not grow fast in the shady area. Sunny area is the perfect place to transplant your Kale.

The growth of Kale will be appear after the root spread. It will not grow until the root growth. You can see the changes after few days of transplantation. After 30 days of transplantation only you can harvest your kale.

How to harvest kale

Basically you can harvest you kale in the mature ages also but you can harvest kale in after the younger age also. You can harvest your kale using any kinds of sharp tool. But I prefer to use scissor because it is easy and portable to use.

harvesting of kale
harvesting of kale

You can directly cut the bottoms Kale leaves using the scissors and you can directly collect them. Or you can pull them or break them using your hand also. But make sure you are leaving the younger leaves which will be in the center.

Don’t cut your younger leaves your kale which will will grow after few weeks and you will get more production from those leaves.

In this article we discuss about the Kale vegetable. If you get any idea then subscribe to our blogs by putting your email id. Which part did you like from the entire article write in the comment section? Share this article in your social handle to among the farmers who are planning to grow kale vegetables. I will come back with another new article until that good bye. See you again.

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