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We can grow love lies bleeding the hanging basket or in the flower pot. We can produce this one in the small space also. Which is very good who are planning to grow love lies bleeding in the small space. Maybe you are also planning to plant love lies bleeding at home terrace.

Love lies bleeding is amazing plant with dark pink color flower. The seed and oil can be used as a food of love lies bleeding and those are very healthy. Love lies bleeding is very beneficial for diarrhea, ulcers and many kinds of diseases. The seed and leave both edible as food. It is famous in Nepal, India, Mexico and South America.

grow love lies bleeding
grow love lies bleeding

You can produce the micro-green also at home of love lies bleeding. We can harvest the micro-green of love lies bleeding in just after one week. Which is incredible. Right? We can prepare such a delicious soup using those kinds love lies bleeding micro-green. I think you should also try love lies bleeding soup once. Maybe you will love it.  You can also produce love lies bleeding and use this one as a vegetable like spinach.

 Many people love to plant love lies bleeding but don’t eat love lies bleeding without cooking. Love lies bleeding will provide us lots of lots fiver , micronutrients and protein also that’s why it have lots of lots benefits related with health . It have different kinds of medical benefits that why I am going to write this article. I am going to cover every detail as possible about the love lies bleeding in this article.

After reading this article you will be also able to grow love lies bleeding at home. You can also read this article if you are interest about love lies bleeding.  So without any late let’s start.


Love lies bleeding also known as Amaranth caudatus, velvet flower, tassel flower and many more names it have. This is an amazing flower which will give us flower every year. Love lies bleeding flower will grow up to 3 feet to 8 feet.  Love lies bleeding will grow faster in suns than shady place. Love lies bleeding can grow up to six feet to 1.5 feet only.

Especially it bloom every year with red color. Generally the love lies bleeding have red color flower and red color leaf. It will give lots of lots seeds per tree. According to many researchers one love lies bleeding can give us almost 100, 00 seeds per plant.

Beautiful gardening of Love lies bleeding
Beautiful gardening of Love lies bleeding

Those seeds will give us the chance to grow love lies bleeding at home.  You can use those seeds for the germination process.

The foliage of love lies bleeding can be almost green but sometime the foliage can be attractive with multi-color. You can also see this one in the picture also.

Its leaf and seeds are such good thing for the animal also. If you are planning to keep few buffalo, Pig or something else; Love lies bleeding is most preferable for them.  Love lies bleeding will help those pet animals to grow fast. You can also give love lies bleeding; if you are doing business of pet animals then it will be one of the useful food for them. 


There are lots of lots varieties available of love lies bleeding. According to the researcher there are almost more than 70 species of love lies bleeding.  Most of the popular species are Amaranth cruets, Amaranth bitumen, Amaranth dubious and several species.

You can choose any of them to grow love lies bleeding at home. These kinds of various species can be found in Nepal, Indian, Mexico and Unite States.

Fast Seedling Method of Love Lies Bleeding

Generally we can grow easily the love lies bleeding from its seeds. The seeds can be produced yourself but it you don’t have the seed of love lies bleeding; you can purchase its seed from the amazon also.

After that you have to manage seedling tray. You have to manage garden soil and compost also. You can buy the best compost maker also from Amazon. You have to feel your seedling tray with garden soil and compost and put some water with spray. Make sure don’t put too much water. Make sure your garden soil is moister before planting love lies seeds there.

flower of love lieds bleeding
flower of love lieds bleeding

If you didn’t make moister soil then it will be hard to grow love lies bleeding at home. Now you have to plant all the seeds inside the soil. It is not necessary to cover the seeds of love lies seedling. Now cover the seedling tray with its cover and keep these seedling tray in shady place. You can see few germination process in your love lies bleeding if you open the seedling tray cover.

You have to take care until it grow 1 inch tall. You can transplant those seedling after seven days outside. Make sure your soil have moister and your love lies bleeding can get enough sun light because your love lies bleeding love lots of lots sun light. It will grow fast if it get enough light.

The best time to transplant or prepare seedling is in the summer. It is the best season to grow love lies bleeding at home. You can grow more love lies bleeding easily in summer time than other season. It can grow in the other season also but the preferable season is summer season.

You have to give enough water until getting water by its root. Manage water or irrigation properly for your love lies bleeding or Amaranth daily otherwise your love lies bleeding can die.

Caring Method to grow love lies bleeding

Love lies bleeding need minimal caring as compared to another types of plant. But it may have few disease due to fungus; Such as Anthracnose, Damping-off, wet roots. The symptoms of these disease can be dieback leaves and branches, poor germination and may cause loss of leaves. 

love lies bleeding fresh plant
love lies bleeding fresh plant

That’s why you have to choose the certified seed only before planting. Otherwise it will be little bit harder to grow love lies bleeding at home.

You can plant the resistance for love lies bleeding to solve from these problem. Which will overcome these kinds of problems in your love lies bleeding. If you are also getting these kinds of problem then you can destroy those infected plants and its root immediately which will be very good for other healthy plants.

love lies bleeding growing in flower pot
love lies bleeding growing in flower pot

Another symptoms may be the stems bending automatically and the withering leafs. These kinds of symptoms can be appear by the reason of harmful insects. You can remove those kinds of leafs and stems to get solution from those kinds of insects.

Love lies bleeding can die if didn’t care perfectly when it get infected with these kinds of fungus and insects .Just check time to time and don’t forget to give enough sun rays and water .

Usage of Love Lies Bleeding

There are lots of lots of usage of love lies bleeding. Most of people love to eat its soup and you can also try its soup. It contains different kinds of micronutrients, fiver and protein also. Love lies bleeding was famous from ancient time in the world.

love lies bleeding in garden
love lies bleeding in garden

You can get carb, Protein, Fat, Magnesium, Iron, Copper and many more things on the seed of love lies bleeding. Love lies bleeding can control your weight loss and it can overcome your inflammation.

You can use those love lies bleeding after keeping almost one to three days in water until Sprouts. It can be easily digest and beneficial for your health if you take it after sprouting. You have to eat those love lies bleeding seeds sprouting after boiling in water almost 20 minute and the water should be in 3:1 ratio.

love lies bleeding long flower
love lies bleeding long flower

It have different health benefits so that you can also grow love lies bleeding at home; if you want to take those health benefits. You can eat love lies bleeding in the substitution of pasta or rice also. You can eat love lies bleeding with nuts and fruits as breakfast or snacks. It will be very beneficial for your health.

Harvesting Method

You can collect the seed of love lies bleeding in the end of summer and you can pack those seeds in plastic packet in cool and dry place for next year. You can sell those seeds in different kinds of ecommerce website also.

love lies bleeding seeds
love lies bleeding seeds

If you collect your seeds in proper way then you will easily grow love lies bleeding next year from those seeds but make sure you are storing those seeds in dry and clean area. Otherwise the seeds can decay.

We discuss about the love lies bleeding in this article. If you get also few knowledge about the love lies bleeding please share this article to among the love lies bleeding or Amaranth lovers. Help me to spread this article. Give me suggestion in comment box if you get any kinds of mistakes in this article. I will try to give response to your comment. You can subscribe to our newsletter for our further article.  Good bye see you again in another new article.

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