How to Grow Millet in Nepali Style

Millet is one of the healthy crops which is containing different kinds of beneficial nutrition. It contains carbohydrates, protein, water, and fats also. That’s why many people around the globe love to eat this crop in their daily meal but there is not enough production of millet than demand.


You can take different kinds of health benefits by consuming millet.  Digestions problems, liver, and kidney-related problems, peptic ulcers, colon cancer can prevent by millet. Just you have to add a few amounts of millet to your meal.

birds eating millet
birds eating millet

It contains many types of antioxidants which will give more security to our body from the damages and oxidative stress.  Bones-related problems can be overcome by eating millet. Millet will help you repair your body because it contains different kinds of fiber and phosphorus.

Different kinds of benefits are attached with millet. So friends there are lots of lots methods to grow millet but in this article, I am going to mention the Nepali Traditional millet growing method. You can follow all the mentioned steps in the article. So if you are also planning to take different kinds of benefits by planting millet on your farm then you can read this article until the last. So without any late let’s begin our article.


Millet is especially a small-grained crop. It is part of the grass family. It is extremely one of the easiest crops to grow in an organic way. You can make different kinds of foods and products using millet. Especially millet is a major crop after rice and maize in East Asian countries and in African countries also.

There are many countries producing a large amount of millet such as India, Nigeria, Niger, China, Mali, and Burkina Faso, and in other countries also. It is a very famous crop in African countries because it doesn’t require more water and irrigation than other crops. It can survive in dry type of soil also easily. Most of the African country contains dessert that’s why maybe the millet is producing than in other countries.

But in this article, you will understand the Nepali organic traditional method to grow millet on your farm easily. Just you have to follow all the steps mentioned in this article to grow organic millet.

Prepare the seed

The first step to growing organic millet is you have to prepare healthy seeds. You have to select the right types of variety of millet seed. Don’t choose the unsuitable millet seeds. You have to choose the perfect seeds as per your weather condition.

pinnacle of millet
Panicle of millet

There are many varieties available of millet. Few millets varieties contain the dark purple color and a few varieties of millet contain light brown color. You can choose any of them as per your requirement. If you don’t have the millet seed then you can also easily purchase from amazon.

After this, you have to filter all the damaged seeds and infected seeds using different kinds of tools. There are many types of tools available to filter those types of damaged seeds.  After selecting the right type of seeds now is the right time to do go into the germination process.

best method to grow millet
best method to grow millet

Germination process

You need to prepare fertile land after the selection of the right seeds. You will not get the proper germination if you didn’t make the proper land. That’s why you have to make a perfect land before germination. You don’t have to make a large area to germinate; you can make a tiny block.

First of all, you have to manage cow dung compost. Mix all the cow dung compost with the soil of your block. Don’t put all the cow dung compost in one place only. Your millet seeds will not get enough nutrition if you did like this.

creativity using millet
creativity using millet

Now you have to sow all the seeds from the top in the prepared soil block. Cover all the seeds with a thin layer of soil from the top. If the soil has little moisture it will be good for the germination process. If possible try to give few sprinkles of water from the top but it is raining it is not necessary to spray water. You can leave it without the water also because it will germinate but the result will be good than in moist soil.

Throw all the remove from your millet seeds block after successful germination. You will get germination seven to ten days later. It will germinate very thick but don’t be afraid. After germination just leaves it until the transplantation time.

Traditional transplant method

After 1.5 to 2 months later your millet seeds will grow up to 5- 8 inches tall if you germinate properly in fertile soil. Now you have to prepare the fertile land to transplant those millet seeds using the compost. You can use cow dung compost or buffalo dung compost also but if you don’t have enough compost you can buy it from Amazon also.

First of all, dig your all the land. You can plow with a mini tiller also but if you don’t have a mini tiller then you can plough using the ox also. Now you have to mix all the compost with that soil after successfully digging.

beautiful pictures of millet
beautiful pictures of millet

You can transplant your millet plants in prepared land from the millet seeds block. Now you have to uproot all the millet plants and start to transplant. You can transplant millet plants using your finger only.  Just you have to take a single piece of millet plant and bury it inside the soil by giving little bit pressure from the top, First time it will take few time to learn but you will be expert later.

Now after completing all the transplantation just leave it without doing anything. Your organic millet will spread its root soon if your soil has few moist but it will spread its roots. Make sure your soil has a little bit moist. If it is raining then you don’t have to put water otherwise you can give little bit of sprinkles of water using a garden hose pipe.

 One more thing about millet; the perfect time to plant your millet is in the July last to august last. You will get the perfect result if you transplant in these months. Otherwise

You will not get enough production as expected.

Take care technique

After four to five days it will start to spread its roots itself in the soil . After one week it will be successfully installed with soil. If it gets the perfect nutrition then it will grow fast within a month. Animal urine and Human urines are also one of the best methods to grow fast your organic millet.

Remove the weeds and grass from your millet farm from time to time. Otherwise, all your millet will be covered by these types of harmful weeds because these weeds will grow faster than millet and it has the ability to take more nutrition from compost than millet. So weeds are the cancer of millet. If possible you have to remove it from time to time.

Don’t give water to your millet. If it is really very dry weather and not raining properly also shouldn’t give water to your millet. Millet has different types of ability to make it survive in any type of hard situation also.

Disease and insects of Millets

There are many kinds of harmful insects and diseases of millet. There are many types of harmful insects that can destroy your mille farm. Such as white grub, green bug, shoot fly, Millet stem borer, head miner, blister beetle and many types of harmful insects can occur inside your millet plant.

You can overcome them by distracting by planting other types of flowers, tomatoes and beans. It will help you to overcome those types of insects in your millet. Otherwise, you can use cow urine to chase these types of harmful insects from your millet farm. Or you can ask your government to run an insect killer bird increasing campaign.

Different kinds of unknown diseases may appear on your millet farm. Just you can remove those infected plants immediately from your millet farm. You can remove all the old leaves also from the millet plant as possible. There are many kinds of harmful diseases that may appear such as phyllosticta leaf blight, Pyricularia leaf spot, Rust and many more types of other diseases that can attack your millet.


After transplantation of three to four-month, it is the right time to harvest. You can see your green color millet will start to change in grey color slowly. The panicle of rice also start to change from green to brown and now you have to cut all the panicle from each plant.

You have to store it in a cool and dry place after separating it from its stem. Don’t forget to put in the full sunlight before putting in the storeroom. After putting in the more than five times in the full sunlight it will dry and it will more easy to separate the grains from its panicle. After getting dry you can beat using a heavy stick you’re all the collection of millet panicles.

harvesting of mllet
harvesting of mllet

The store is an open, cool, and dry place and keeps in sunlight from time to time. Now the stems and leaves also can be used as grass. These all are tasty grass for the pet animals such as cows, ox and many domestic animals prefer to eat millet grass. You can cut all the grass using the brush cutter also.

Store all the grass in high from ground otherwise, it will decay after raining. Save it for the winter season. This is the best food for your pet animals.

So we discuss the Traditional Nepali method to grow millet. If you also get any new concepts from this article please help me by sharing this article and tell me which part did you like in the comment section. I will come back with another new article. Until that time, goodbye. See you again.

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