How To Grow Monterrey Oak At Home | Best Method 2 Take Care

Most of the people love to plant Monterrey oak is one of the evergreen plant. The other reason to plant Monterrey oak is it will grow fast. And it have long life also, that’s why many people attracted with this plant.  

You can also grow this evergreen plant Monterrey oak at home. It is very easy to grow Monterrey oak at home with help of this article.  In this article you will know the every detailed technique about the Monterrey oak. You will know the method to seedling the Monterrey oak and many more things you will know about it.

monterrey oak tree
monterrey oak tree

What is the common name for Monterrey oak?

Monterrey oak also know as Mexican white oak, netleaf white oak and Quercus polymorpha. It have different types of name such as European oak , common oak and many more names .

History Of Monterrey Oak

Monterrey oak is native to southwest Texas and discovered 1992. It was discovered in Mexico Guatemala and Honduras. That somebody known the Monterrey oak plant Mexican white oak. The Monterrey oak plant grows fast from Mexican border to Texas.

mexican white oak growing
mexican white oak growing


Monterrey oak also known as Queues polymorph and medical white oak.  It is getting famous in Texas right now. Monterrey oak grow up to 40 ft. According to the scientist the Monterrey oak plant will grow 4 feet per year. The leaves of Monterrey oak are 4 to 5 inches long.  Leathery texture surface and smooth edges is the specification of Monterrey oak leaves. Before also me already I mentioned that Monterrey oak is evergreen plant and it is very healthy plant.

monterrey oak tree decoration
monterrey oak tree decoration

Monetary oak plant no need much care like other plant .Even there is no more care the Monterrey oak will grow faster than other plant. One of interesting thing about the Monterrey oak is; its lifespan is up to 200 years.

It can survive in the almost any kinds of area. Monterrey oak can live in desert like area, river bank and in the Mountain forests also. This plant can survive almost in the anywhere.

The newest branch come with pinkest branch which is awesome and attractive .


There are dozens of types of oaks available but generally  we can divide oaks in two types . The first one is white oak and second one is red oak . The difference between these two oaks are the whites oaks have rounded leaf but red  oak have the pointed leaf in the pinnacle . When the white oaks leafs falls from tree then it will change from Yellow to brown but red oak leaf will change into green to red fall color .

Another difference between those oaks are the root . White oak transplant little bit harder than red oak . Red oak can easily transplant . The reason behind this is the white oak have more tap root but the red oak have more shallow root . That’s why you have to transplant Monterrey oak in its childhood period . You can choose any of the species as per your environment and you can also grow Monterrey oak at home after reading this article .


Basically Monterrey oak use for the wood . The wood can be use id different sector . We can use the Monterrey oak wood to prepare  Beautiful furniture items  , Flooring and many more things .

mexican oak leaves
mexican oak leaves

The acorn are beloved by deer , bear , squirrel and for the many birds and animals . If you are interest to put pet animals then maybe they can love to eat Monterrey oak acorn .

Another usage of Monterrey oak is for decoration . You can plant this Monterrey oak in your park or in your garden . You can plant this Monterrey oak in the side of the road also . It will give such a nice look to your nearest place .

Monterrey oak is very good for the climate also because it will survive for long time . It will attract different kinds of birds and animals . Which will obviously help to control the unnecessary insects also .

moneterrey oak organic fruit
moneterrey oak organic fruit

Seedling Method to Grow Monterrey Oak at Home

There are different kinds of seedling method to make plant of Monterrey oak . But most of people prefer to buy the plant directly from local nursery but I prefer to produce and grow Monterrey oak at home myself.

Few Steps :

  • Collect acorn
  • Water test
  • Plant that seeds in right time .
  • Wait Until the leaves coming out

Collect acorn

Acorn is the seed of Monterrey oak  . First of of you have to collect the acorn from the Monterrey Oak tree. Otherwise you can buy those seed from the amazon also. Make sure you are collecting healthy seed only. Otherwise the seed will not sprout perfectly .

moneterrey oak seed
moneterrey oak seed

Water Test

After collecting the seeds you have to test your seeds . It is healthy or not ?  You can understand about the healthy seeds by doing the water test .

So the question arise ; how can we do the water test ? It is easy and simple . Just you have to take glass bowl . Now you have to put water inside the bowl . After putting all the water now you have to put all the seeds of Monterrey oak .

Now observe carefully . If the seeds are sinking inside the water ; You have to understand it is a healthy seeds of Monterrey oak . Otherwise if it is not sinking in the water ; There is something problem inside the seeds .

Now you have to remove all healthy seeds from the bowl to seedling . You can store that seeds inside the plastic bag with moisture . You have to keep that seeds in the cool place until spring .

Water test is very important process to grow Monterrey oak at home . It help you to select the healthy seeds and it help you to get almost 90% successful germination .

Why water test is important to grow Monterrey oak at home ?
germination of mexican white oak
germination of mexican white oak

Plant that seeds in right time .

The perfect time to plant seeds for seedling is spring . Now you have to take all the seeds from the stored place . Now check all the seeds . If there is any root sprouts in any Monterrey oak seeds ;You have to plant that kinds of seeds .

Wait Until the leaves coming out

After selecting that kinds of healthy seeds . Just you have to plant those seeds in the flower pot . You have to manage few compost and Liquid fertilizer before planting . Now you can put those flower pot in the window or inside your room also where the light should be get little by the Monterrey oak plant .

Now After two to Three weeks  few green leaves sprouts from the Monterrey oak plant . You can transplant those Monterrey oak in another place .

You can transplant those plants in the fertile land until getting the new leaf . After sprouting new leafs from the Monterrey plant you can understand the roots of  your Monterrey Oak plant is growing in the soil . It will grow magically faster than others plant .

Caring  Method Of Monterrey Oak

Monterrey oak plant is that kinds of tree which need minimal care . You have to give little bit water only in the winter season . Otherwise there is no more care for Monterrey oak . Another useful thing is there is almost zero disease in Monterrey oak .

monterrey oak tree care
monterrey oak tree care

Generally we shouldn’t give more care to Monterrey oak but the important thing is don’t dig around the Monterrey oak trees because we need to protect its root zone . Don’t change the level of soil , Don’t add or subtract the level of soil which can effect to your Monterrey oak root and it can die because it have tap roots in few feet of soil . If you get any types of problem in Monterrey oak then You can use this product to overcome those insects . After giving a proper care only you will be also able to grow Monterrey oak at home yourself.


Monterrey oak is such a beautiful evergreen plant . I think you should also try at once . At least plant one Monterrey oak for the trial . If you get few benefits from it you can plant more Monterrey oak plant in your garden .

If you satisfied with few Monterrey oak then you can make a forest of it . The purpose can be anything . The purpose can be for the wood , acorn or for something else .


So guys hoping that you get few ideas and few new interesting thing about the Monterrey oak trees . If you have still any confusion in this article and getting problem to grow Monterrey oak at home yourself then ask me in the comment section . And share this article  to among the people who are interested on oak trees .  I will come back with another new video until that good bye see you again .

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