Who am I ?

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I am a farmer’s son who was born in a poor conservative family but I learned many things myself with the help of the internet. 

My parents force me to go to Golf country to pay loans. I did that also. I worked in Golf country for three years. It was really painful. I was thinking to do some unique thing in my life. My dream was to contribute something to the world. But I was doing that job to fulfill others’ dreams. I decided to quit that job and came back to my country Nepal and tried many things.

I was born in a very poor family and the mindset of my parents was also very poor because according to them to earn money we need to work for others. There was no electricity, Means of vehicle, Telephone or something else. In this way, I finished my childhood.  My study was good and I was trying to join the science faculty because, in my opinion, it should be an interesting topic but due to my poor family background, I joined management.

How did i improve my English ?

English was my second language but  I practice many times to improve my English Language. Many Nepali people think this is one of the hardest languages to learn. I didn’t take any additional English language classes and used the textbooks only which is available in school. I know it was enough for me to learn the English language.

The first thing was my mindset. I never thought that English is hard for me. It was always one of the interesting things for me. So I practiced a lot this language. I wrote many poems on the English language and I wrote many essays and passages to improve my English language.

Maybe you are wondering, Why this guy mentioned this thing to all of you because I am a Nepali guy. My mother tongue was the “Bantawa” Language and my National language was Nepali. But now I can easily talk and write English. This small thing also helped me a lot to learn new things.

This blog is especially main goal to motivate also.

A poor farmer’s son who struggled in life and failed many times but he didn’t lose his hope. If the poor farmer’s son can do blogging then anybody can do blogging.

I am Dipesh Rai (Drishya Dipshali). I am a farmer, blogger, graphic designer, and Youtuber from Nepal. Writing was my passion from my childhood. I love writing. It was my dream to share my knowledge with the world. I tried many websites but failed many times. But mastergarden.com will be forever until my last breath. This is a commitment from my side to all the readers who belong to the MasterGarden family.

In 2017 I started blogging with a website called wakeuptolaugh but after a few months I shut down that website because courage to write about comedy was not my hobby. But after quitting that website; almost three years I didn’t anything. In that period I learned programming, video editing, and many more.

Youtube maybe the motivation for this website

The idea behind this website is created one year ago when I was watching YouTube videos. I am you tuber also so I love to watch new videos which are related to technology so I get a chance to watch those blogging-related videos on YouTube.

Those videos give such a motivation to start a website. I was planning from one year ago but the action was delayed. There were many reasons for the delay. One main reason was is in my country there was no international payment getaway to purchase hosting and domain. So I was waiting for that type of MasterCard.

After getting that payment getaway immediately I purchased a domain and hosting which is you are reading right now. I am sure this website will help you to get more growth in the farming or gardening sector. Almost every article will be posted related to gardening in MasterGarden. I am sure it will be always genuine.

Recently I am doing programming-related tasks and I am running an agriculture farm also in the local village. Now I am running many businesses locally. I am trying to do my best. I am sure, The readers of MasterGarden will show me a love for this website. Thank you

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