How To Use Traditional Method to Grow Organic Coriander at Home

Coriander is amazing types of spices. Especially Asian people use a lot coriander in their daily meal. It makes tasty food and it have many kinds of benefit also. It gives different kinds of flavor and color to your food. So it is the most important necessary spices in our kitchen.  I also prefer to add coriander in my every meal.

According to scientist also we should to coriander at once in a week. It will work as anti-poisoning food. It will remove all the unnecessary poison from your body and it have different kinds of benefits also. It contains magnesium, manganese, vitamin c, k and iron also. Coriander is a great source of different kinds of minerals also.

traditional method to grow organic coriander at home
traditional method to grow organic coriander at home

You can also easily buy coriander in local market but in this article I am going to teach you the fastest traditional method to grow organic coriander at home. It will not require large area to grow your coriander. Using this traditional method you can easily grow your coriander in small area also.  

You will be able to harvest your coriander within one month. You will learn to grow coriander at home quickly after reading this article. So without any late, let’s begin.


We will Learn Today best traditional method to grow organic coriander at home and I am covering below topics

  •  How to germinate Coriander
  • Prepare perfect soil
  • Transplantation method
  • Fastest growing technique
  • Harvesting method
Types of Coriander | Varieties of Coriander
Swati (CS-6)
Aphu Dhaniya (LCC-170)
Suguna (LCC – 236)
Suruchi (LCC-234)
Susthira (LCC-219)
Sadhana (CS-4)
Are there different types of coriander?

What is the Best way to Germinate Coriander?

There are various new techniques and methods available but I prefer to use traditional method to grow organic coriander at home. Because you will get lower higher organic production than other types of methods. You can easily grow germinate coriander using compost , gardening soil and tissue paper.

organic healthy coriander seed
organic healthy coriander seed

What is the germination process traditional method to grow organic coriander at home ?

There are various type of modern type of method also available but in this article I am going to discuss about the fastest germination process of coriander using traditional method to grow coriander at home. I have a nice experience of traditional method to grow organic coriander at home so I am trying to explain all the detail in depth.

First of you have manage the coriander seed. You can purchase from your local store also but if you don’t have you can easily purchase from amazon also. If you are buying the coriander seeds; make sure it is healthy seeds.

Coriander is very beneficial for sugar patient, blood pressure, brain, skin and for the digestive problems.

After managing the coriander seeds now you have to manage a thick clothe towel and put all the seeds inside it. Now you have to wrap your towel and cover it from all side. You need to bring a wood log or something else and start to press from top.

Make sure your coriander seeds are breaking into two parts. You have to give pressure until it breaking it two parts. You will   get the result after giving pressure until five minutes.

coriander-sprouting in vermi compost
coriander-sprouting in vermi compost

Now you can bring some vermicomposting. If you don’t have you can manage from your local market also. Now you have mix your all seeds with that vermicompost and mix them gently. If you didn’t mix properly; you will not get successful germination. You have to put few water using water sprayer to mix properly.

You have to put all the mix of the coriander seeds and vermicompost in the same cloth towel and wrap it from everywhere. You can make nut also and put some sprinkle of water from spray from everywhere.


Now you have to put those coriander seeds and vermicompost mix in shady area. Now after two to three days you will get the germination easily. If you are doing this process in winter season then you can get the result after May five to one weeks. After getting the all the germination now this is the time to transplant.

Prepare perfect soil

Before transplanting of all the coriander seeds germination in another place; you should to prepare a perfect soil. Don’t use any type of soil to get fastest result. You can use the garden soil also but I recommend you to use the below mentioned type mix soil.


First of all you have use one part cow dung compost, one part good quality coco peat and one part vermicompost. If you don’t have all of this thing. You can purchase from amazon also. Or you can use only the cockpit and garden soil also.


You have to mix properly those cow dung compost, vermicompost and cocopeat. Mix them in a big mixing pot. You can use water also while mixing all the component and make it moist. This type of soil is best for traditional method to grow organic coriander at home.

Use traditional method to grow organic coriander at home because after eating organic coriander you will get many benefits for your health.  

Transplantation method

After preparing the perfect soil now this is the right time to transplant your coriander germination in another place. You you can directly transplant your coriander germination in your garden also but I prefer to transplant in flower pot because it will consume small area. You can use a flat type of flower pot.

Steps to Transplant Coriander at Home:

  • Prepare soil for coriander
  • Open clothe towel
  • Use flat types of flower pot
  • Don’t use thick cow dung compost
  • Transplant the germinated coriander seed
  • Give water spray

Now you have to open the clothe towel and try to break the jammed germination. Now you can put the mixture of cocopeat, vermicompost and cow dung compost in that flat flower pot. Now easily you can sow your coriander seeds germination there. Don’t sow in only one place. Try to show equally in all the places of the flower pot.

After this you have to cover that coriander germination with thin layer of the mixture of cocopeat, vermicompost and cow dung compost. Don’t make it thick otherwise all your germination will die. Try to make as possible thin layer at top.

Coriander is very helpful to filter the toxin from our body.

Health related benefir of Coriander

You can give water from top using the water spray. Don’t give too much water otherwise all your coriander will damage and die. Make sure you are giving proper watering from top at the transplantation time.

If you didn’t follow all the transplant step properly then you will fail to use traditional method to grow organic coriander at home.

Fastest growing technique

Now you can put your flower pot in semi sunny area until 3 days. Because the root of coriander can die due to the temperature. So don’t put your coriander in the sunny area at first. You don’t have to do this big mistake after the successful transplantation of your coriander germination.

fresh-coriander leaf
fresh-coriander leaf

You can put your coriander in sunny area after 3 days of transplantation. It will be very good for fastest growth in sunlight. You will get the perfect and fastest growth after keeping in the full sunlight.

Giving the full sunlight is a traditional method to grow organic coriander at home. Many villagers or farmers are using this technique.

Harvesting method

After three weeks to four weeks you will ready to harvest your organic coriander. It is very healthy and attractive. It will grow up to 3 to four inch high after three weeks if you follow all the steps correctly.


Now you can cut the green leaves of coriander and harvest them using the scissors. You can harvest using your hand also but the thing is the root of whole coriander can came out during the harvesting time so be careful.

You can harvest your coriander in every one week from there. It you didn’t harvest in time it will start to damage automatically and start to infect other’s plants also.

How to harvest coriander
How to harvest coriander

So this was the fastest traditional method to grow organic coriander at home. You can also try this method. If you get some quality content from this article please help me by sharing this article to among the people who are trying to grow organic coriander at home. If you have any kinds of questions or confusion then ask me in the comment section. I will come back with another new article. Until that time; Good Bye! See you again.

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